Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just a Note.

We have been house and dog sitting. Three dogs. My daughter and the kids are getting a bit of a break from us.
As I get more independent she is longing fro a home of her own. I remember how hard it was when I first moved here. Not knowing where to go or what to do, or even what there is to do.
She's very frustrated and it breaks my heart.

Will be home on Friday. I'll post something for the weekend. Maybe some pictures of these pooches.I thought my dog was spoiled rotten.  I'm eating too much over here. They have a huge flat scree TV and I'm watching it all the time. I do get some sun on a good day, we are having California weather here now. I wish it would last well into August. Yeah right, dream on....

Hope yawl had a good Valentine's Day. I had a great one. My daughter took me out to eat and have some Margaritas. My Honey took me out too! Twice in one day, that's a first.


Chris H said...

How lovely that you got to go out twice on VDay.

Laura~peach~ said...

sounds great and hope she does not stay frustrated it will all work out...HUGSSSSSSS

Bluebird49 said...

How great for you--sounds like a dream job to me!

I can understand how everyone needs space sometimes, Sweetie. Just hope she can find something near you.

Mental P Mama said...

You may be getting spoiled....hugs to you all.