Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Make Over Reveal

 A friend came by and received a make up do over courtesy of Miss Jennifer.
 and this is me....can you believe it?
 I am stylin and sassy. I need a facelift!!!
 But having fun is contagious...
 like my top? Jen gave it to me. Daughters are so nice to have around.
 The new fashionable decluttered dining room.
 Changes everywhere.

 A cozy seating vignette.
 and some snow....
 Mississippi style no shoveling required. Don't hate me I didn't do it.
 Sun predicted tomorrow so it will all be gone.

 but today the grand kids will play.
 this much snow in the south and the schools cancel.
 Yes it is true we are light weights with winter weather.
 We only know how to sweat out here.

 Back inside. You know it wouldn't be me without a small digression.
 El grande poo-pony sizing up the food situation. Not the human the plate.
 Living room touches.
 This guy is cute.
 A close up of the mantel.

She's been busy don't you think?
I'll hire her out for a good price!!


joanne said... look so healthy and happy. Change is good eh? Your daughter really has the touch, I would hire her in an instant..;j

Laura~peach~ said...

can i borrow your daughter for a spell? you look lovely ... but it is her organising and pretting up the house skills i am lusting after the most! :)

Bluebird49 said...

Amazing what make-up applied right can do, huh!

The spic and span and shiny/no dust home of yours makes me...yearn for days when I was younger. But I've never had Jennifer's knack for decorating!

Loved the pictures and that you posted!You look so happy-and that's so good.

Julie Harward said...

I love to listen to my daughters too..why not, we can learn much from them! You are looking great and so is your house! ;D

Anonymous said...
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Pia said...

you have a beautiful house! it looks really cozy. nice do too. the top suits you perfectly.

Mental P Mama said...

Every picture on this post made me smile! Hugs! school? The roads look like they're dry!!!!

Unknown said...

You look GORGEOUS, Dawling!!!!! Simply GORGEOUS!

And I love how your house just keeps getting better and better.....and the fact that you show us a glimpse of before shots sometimes too so we don't have to hate you. ;-)

Kat said...

You look fabulous! And you look (and sound) so happy! YAY!!!! Sounds like all is well and good and looking up for you. :)

Angela said...

I am so loving your look beautiful lady. Your looking eva so fineeeeee!! The home is looking fantastic, your indoor plants are just beautiful.

Kathy said...

hey beautiful! looks like all is looking up. your home is LOVE-ly!