Friday, July 17, 2009

Broken Feet Forever, I am Insane

I cut up 21 cups of the most delicious tomatoes you ever tasted to make home made salsa. I used a recipe from my ex sister in law. The recipe called for a lot of salt. ME the queen of changing recipes FOLLOWED the recipe and it is tooooooo salty. Sting your tongue, get a drink, too salty! I boiled raw potatoes in it to try and soak some of the salt out. I added some tomato paste and worked on it all day to make something salvageable of this, 16 pints of salty salsa. We will be eating a lot of beans and soups. I figured I could use it to make beans for the rest of my life. I threw the recipe in the garbage. Anyone have a good recipe for cooked salsa? I love salsa fresca but I want to can it. Or how about cooked tomatoes?

That was a bummer but I think it's sort of rescued. Ask me when we all swell up from too much salt.

The daily bread. The folks here are living off of bread so I made 2 loaves to give me a couple of days without turning the oven on. I am experimenting some with the baking process. This dough is so wet that it doesn't seem finished when you take it out. So this time I baked it on my dark thin pizza pans instead of the stone. After 40 minutes I turned the oven down from 450 degrees to 350 degrees and baked it an additional 20 minutes. These were perfect. The crust was actually crunchy and chewy not burned and the bread on the inside was moist but thoroughly baked.

Did I mention that we are also doing a small construction job? Oh yeah I did, you know all about that. It's coming along nicely but in the mean time the living room looks like this. I also dusted and then my husband sanded. Nothing looks dusted. You can now write your name on any surface of anything in this room. This room is down the hall from the construction. Sheet rock dust flies on a breeze.

I did a bit of rearranging because when you do construction you reorganize things right?

I had been thinking of selling this little chest and then decided to put it here. It has table cloths and lace in it. One less thing for the over crowded closet in Kayla's room.

This piece that was on the dining room wall is perfect in my room. I always wanted this up here. I needed it downstairs for all the contianers of grain. When you don't have many cupboards, no closets, or a pantry you improvise.

The hunny moved all the furniture even I have limits to my stupidity. I put all my favorite books up here. I have been reading another book that Brin recommended it is also a somewhat morbid dark tale. What do you do when your reading a book and you like the characters and then something happens that turns your stomach. Do you keep reading to see if good prevails over all? Do you throw it in the trash so no one else's stomach gets turned? One time I inked out all the swear words in a book. It was a great story and not a single one of those cuss words added anything to the tale. That's about it for me with Brin's taste in stories, however I do love the way she writes about her own life!

My idea of a good book is 50 Acres and a Poodle. Actually I found an awesome deal on Amazon for one of my favorite stories and I am going to give it away when it gets here. That is after I recover from shipping a prize to New Zealand. I did not send it global that would have been $68. Yes that is right $68, to ship scarves in a big hurry. BUT we are not in a big hurry and I inquired regarding a slow boat via China. Chris will get her scarves in about 6 months. They are travelling by beasts of burden.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

It is hot today . . . and so I sit and think, read and write, post and comment, and think some more.

Life is good . . . and some days just beg for us to stop and see it all.

Even your salty salsa brought joy as I read and know that you are feeling good enough to do so much. I wish I were there beside you choppin' and chattin' and chasin' away the heat of the day on the breath of laughter.

So many changes in your house . . . I surely must come and see it all for myself! (I'm prayin' for a 'YES' from above.)

For today I sit in the cool air of the cooler and enjoy this bloggy thing that knits hearts and lives the world over. : D

Angela said...

Oh I love what you did...You have some beautiful pieces of furniture...I'm trying not to drool..and to think it's not even over the food that you shared,,but

Michelle said...

All of that dust means progress for your new laundry room, right? All of that rearranging and a new laundry will make your home feel brand new when all is said and done!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Call your extens office. They will have some recipes for your altitude and then you will have a winner. The bread looks fabulous. Soon you will be opening a bakery.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Extension office! My computer froze.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am so sorry about your salty salsa.......
Happy reading. Reading night here as always :-)

noble pig said...

Whoa $68...yeah slow boat will have to do!

I love salt...send me that salty salsa...Bwahahahahaha!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

OK...Gold star on your forehead for even trying to make canned salsa. Really! And the bread looks LUSCIOUS! I wanna be your neighbor!

Anonymous said...

Huh... how on earth you still manage to do all you do with broken ankles amazes me!

And shames me.

I need to go do some work!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I love your dresser and am glad you kept it. It looks great is is handy for what you are storing in it. I too have a similar chest holding it!