Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Winner Is--who would've thought it?

This is the biggest turn out I've ever had for a give away. 6 first timers! While some people may be thinking oh whoop de doo 6 new people, that is a lot for my blog. I am not the Pioneer Woman. I am not MckMama. I am Karen Deborah from Fresh Fixins known to an intimate group of a few luvin bloggers. Welcome to Fresh Fixins but be warned you never do know what your going to get here. That is the only disclaimer you will get.

This reminds me of the surprise popular item at a garage sale. Who would think so many people would like some silk scarves?

I even entered Debbie and each one of her daughters, is that stacking the odds? I thought it was fair, they each got one chance. Stacking the odds would be giving them 10 chances each. Of course that would be CHEATING! If I would have known that her girls would like them, there would have been no give away at all, they would have just gone there. But it doesn't always turn out like you think.

The hunny is looking so enthused. He is used to this by now. Actually he said, "Your just supposed to take a picture of my hands!" Well I didn't. Aren't guys great?

You know there was a certain someone that I had in mind for these from the very beginning. Someone who LOVES to sew and loves the color blue. She was my inspiration for the idea of this give away in the first place.

And she is the winner picked by the man! I wonder how much this is going to cost me in postage? It's a good thing I wasn't giving away bricks! CHRIS from DIET COKE ROCKS in Auckland, you are the WINNER! Considering all the things that have happened to you lately I am glad! You could use a wee bright spot. I wonder what you will make with them.


noble pig said...

Oh that will be some expensive postage! Oh well, all in good fun.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Chris!!

Chris H said...

OH KD! Thank you soooo much! That has certainly brightened my day!
I have NO IDEA what I will do with the scarves .... YET!
But hopefully I will come up with something awesome!
THANK YOU so much again.
You are just lovely!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Congratulations, Chris!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

chris will come up with something awesome :) YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH CHRIS!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Congrats Chris! How exciting to see those scarves fly so far around the world. Isn't it sweet how the blog has knit hearts together all around the world? To think that scarves from Mississippi would bring cheer to someone in Aukland . . . well, I just have to wipe a tear away when I think of it. Fantastic!

Have fun Chris!! : D

Britt-Arnhild said...

Congratulations to the winners.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well done Chris....sobs and sobs into pillow !!!!! No. Realy...well done. Enjoy your prize. XXXX

Flea said...

Awesomeness! Congrats to Chris!