Friday, July 10, 2009

Tearing It Up & a little GIVE AWAY.

This man looks relaxed, see the gaze off into no where? He has absolutely nothing on his mind.

Definitely has time on his hands.

Yep, I think that these hands...

as wonderful and talented as they are,

need something to do.

This is a problem, that Houston couldn't solve. This mess is my laundry room, or laundry closet is a more accurate description. The location of this closet is also a problem. It is in the LIVING room hall. Very nice, it took a real genius in design to come up with this one. That would be a big pile of bubble wrap, just in case you were trying to figure out what that thing is.

The now empty room adjacent to the nightmare of the laundry closet is small for a bedroom. The plumbing is easily accessible, so to speak. Easy for me to talk about. The hunny has a very smart buddy, the two of them together can do anything, even point out the best assets for a good photo op.

The new laundry ROOM needs a utility sink, $88 including all the hardware with a pull out faucet, now that is FRUGAL! The room is also going to be a work shop for my genius girl to paint pottery. I am hoping the whole family will get in on the pottery act. I think the man with those hands could learn to throw some awesome pots on our wheel. He's got the hands. We do need to find a kiln. There is a perfect place for it right outside the room on our little patio. The walls are brick and the electric outlet is already there. Wallah. I see a future Etsy shop in our lives!

This is what the used to be laundry closet looks like now. So much better. It is going to be a very well designed pantry. It is going to be perfect because I will mastermind it. After which the man with the talented hands will carry it out and improve upon the perfect design making it ultra perfect. This change people will transform my life. Storage is a serious detrimental issue in this house.

I love construction, I just love tearing it up. This is promising! The new laundry closet is already framed, the plumbing changed over and the sink is hooked up! Tomorrow they will move the electric wiring for the dryer. Another wonderful change is that the washer will be on the left and the dryer will be on the right. A left handed man designed my house. My dishwasher is to the left of my sink in the kitchen and the dryer was also on the left of the washer. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was not really that stupid.

The way the dryer was vented raises another question of intelligence. It had to go up the back of the wall threw the entire 2 story house to the roof. That is a lot of heat, and a serious kink at the tubing launch, not to mention lint back up issues. The dryer will now have direct access to the outside, sweet. I do think making my small narrow 4th bedroom/office into a fantastic utility room can only do good for us and any future buyer. The hunny will also be building some cabinets into the room and some open shelving. We will stain the concrete floor and re paint of course. Any votes for colors? I was thinking maybe a rich green. It is a very bright sunny room, the sunniest room in the house. Any decorators just itching to make a suggestion?

It looks this dark here because I took this with the flash off, it's sunny believe me. Wonder what they will get done today? You can count on the fact that I will catch them in action with my trusty little camera. This is what I call therapeutic!

One more thing. How about a GIVE AWAY! I found these real silk scarves in the closet. Some one crafty as in clever might have a use for them. There are people who sew and make wonderful things out of recycled fabrics, could you use silk?

Leave a comment if your interested and we will put your name in the hunny hat. Will draw on Wednesday evening sometime.


Twisted Fencepost said...

You're gonna love that new laundry room. I used to have a laundry closet. We built an extra room for the laundry room and added the same wash tub sink. And turned the old laundry closet into a pantry. I love it!!!
Oh, and don't enter me. I have no idea what I would use the silk for. So leave it for someone who would love to have it.

Ruth said...

The first sentence and the picture of your hubby..Well I laugh and said to myself. Is she wanting to give her hubby away!! But then I read the rest of it. It is good to have a hubby that can do most anything around the house that needs fixing.. I hope all your repair work on your body goes well and you will be like a 20 year old.


Flea said...

OhOhOh! The scarves! We just saw pictures of the COOLEST dress yesterday, made using silk scarves!

Your old laundry closet looks almost just like mine, minus the bubble wrap!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow what a project! It will be just fabulous when it's all finished.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well done your other half. He's a star.xxxx

Chris H said...

-The new laundry is going to be awesome!
- Your hubby's hands are lovely!
- I used to pot.. I had my own studio, kiln etc etc! I sold pottery to shops. I taught adults pottery at college too, which I just loved.
- I would like to go in the draw! Very pretty blues in those scarves!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the projects and love the pics of the hubbys hands martha might could do something facinating with the scarves... so enter us in :)
hope you have a wonderful weekend and i love the projects!

Michelle said...

You are going to love the laundry room, although sometimes "stuff" gets tossed into the laundry room by default. does around my house anyway. Make sure you post a photo of the finished project!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ooooh! I just LOVE a good project like this. Since I've had the actual pleasure of seeing your house in real-life, I KNOW the fantastic affect these changes will make. Good idea!

You know I'm not a contest player, but . . . My girls would LOVE a chance to win those scarves. I have no idea what they would do with them, but I know it would be good. Toss one into the hat for me. Okay? ; D

farmlady said...

What I wouldn't give for a bigger laundry room with more storage. You are so lucky! Very smart thinking to figure out how to use that small bedroom. Your husband is a nice guy to do all that hard work.

OK, your the one who says "Don't sugar coat it..." I have to say that I'm so glad you changed the photo on your blog header. The roses are beautiful. What was that green thing anyway? It looked kind of scary.

If the new laundry room really gets a lot of sunlight, I would go with green too. I like green.

Please don't enter me in the drawing. I'm sure someone else would love them. They would end up right were you found them: in a closet that already has too much in it.

Your husbands hands remind me of my prospectors. Great hands, hands that have worked for a living and show strength of character.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You have so much going on; construction and/or renovations are never easy, even if the outcome is wonderful.

Those silk scarves? Although I am anything but a crafts person, I see them lining a basket. You'd have to put some poofy stuff (which is a technical term) in between the basket and the scarves (arguably) but they'd make gorgeous liners for a basket.

If I win, please give the scarves to somebody in your local nursing home or donate them to a shelter. Basket lining might require sewing or patience, and I don't have either skill.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Oh thank you Lord for a good outcome! I read your previous post and am so happy! A friend of mine had her hip replaced and we have a man in town getting new hips this week. I am so glad there is a solution!

You don't need to enter my name in the giveaway...the scarves are gorgeous but I have no idea what to do with them other than to decorate a cake with them :-)

Britt-Arnhild said...

How great to have this work done in such a good way :-)

Unknown said...

Your laundry room looks great. Your husband is the best!

Anonymous said...

Can you send that man my way when he's done at your house?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have a laundry room. Great job. We were suppose to put one in this year, but had some unexpected repairs to do instead. Lovely scarves. Please put me in the hat.


lisa said...

What a fun give-a-way! Your blog is fantastic!


A Joyful Chaos said...

Fun giveaway! I would love to be entered!


Marilyn said...

I really think some buildings ARE designed by stupid people. How about a flat roof in snow country and then wonder why it leaks! I worked in a school district where this was true! And another school where the roof slanted to the middle and drained from there right onto the playground to a sheet of ice that lasted ALL winter. I was there during a spring storm when it flooded my partner's room while she was gone one day and had to bring EVERYTHING into my room. Oh well, sweet giveaway!

mgster said...

Oh yeah! I love those scarves! Please enter me in your drawing and I will be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks. And I enjoy your blog and the way your write.