Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Woke Up to a Whole New Look

Some people will do anything for attention. Mental P Mama looked like this last week. Ya'll were so nice to her I had to get in the act.
How dumb is this?
The only thing maybe new, was some laundry soap that I bought on sale. I washed my sheets yesterday. Think maybe they need to come off the bed and go threw again with just water. I'm not taking any antibiotics or new meds so I really don't know what caused this.

I have been doctoring a sick cat.  He had a bite on his leg and it swelled. At first the bite didn't show up, just the swelling but then a sore did surface. I spent one night soaking his leg with epsom salt compresses. I found two antibiotic capsules in the house and shoved one down his throat. I am nice like that. He's back to himself now so I'm just smearing antibiotic ointment on it about 3 times a day to keep him licking.

You just never can tell what's going to be going on around here. I have some ideas for some cool projects to do, if we could just quit running a insane asylum infirmary around here.

I did read a great book this week.  "First We Have Coffee and then We Talk," By Margeret Jensen. She is a Norwegian woman and she describes her life from her first memories until her Mama's death. What a precious story! Norwegian customs are similar to Danish and I enjoyed all the descriptions of Christmas celebrations, Sunday dinners, and picnics to the beach. Her Mama's table with homemade swedish meatballs and gravy, and the way she ironed everything. Her little house had yellow paint and white shutters. The kitchen had red lineoleum and starched lace curtains, with the constant smell of fresh rye bread coming from the oven.I'm telling you, it's a wonderful heart warming story. The best part is what incredible people her parents were and the impact they left on their children and the world.

I am still enjoying this view from my chair. The carpet is so soft and thick, it is just wonderfully luchious to walk on.

I am counting my blessings this Sunday morning. I am thinking fondly of my Grandmother. I am remebering my own great childhood, the strong memories my family made. God is so good. His mercy is new every morning, and His love endures forever.


Tatersmama said...

I always love recommendations for new books, so thanks for the 'heads up' on this one!
But that view? Honey, my living room is so darn small, that I either stare at the wall, or I can count the bubbles in the grout around the bricks! (is grout the right word?)

And I'm confused. Which is what I usually am anyway, so don't take it personally. Now, is that Mental P Mama, or is that you?
Either way, that rash and swelling looks a little painful!

Rosie_Kate said...

When Jonah was a baby, I suddenly broke out in hives one morning. I hadn't had anything different, but then a couple days later, I noticed a teeny bit of mold on the strawberry jam I had eaten that day. I hadn't seen or tasted anything when I ate the jam, but I think it must have just been starting in there, and I'm very sensitive to mold, so I'm pretty sure that's what caused it. Sometimes a little think you don't notice can bring out a reaction...

Anyway, I sure hope that clears up quickly! It looks like no fun!

Angela said...

I'm loving that view from your chair too girl. Picturing myself on the couch actually!!

I prayed for your kitty on my Fearless Friday post..glad to read that all is well..yahooo!!!

Thanks for linking up with me today ((hugs))

Hope your feeling better and have figured out what was the ya girl

Jeanie said...

Wow, that looks like it could really itch, or hurt, a lot. I hope rinsing the sheets helps. Thanks for the book recommendation.

Twisted Fencepost said...

And a beautiful view it is!
Glad the kitty is doing better, too.
Now I sure hope you have figured out what caused that reaction. I don't have allergies, so I am of no help whatsoever.

Michelle said...

I love the view in your living room. Nice carpet! We are doing some home improvement/painting when the weather dies down a bit and we can open up the house. Hope your allergic reaction gets better. Sometimes strange things just happen.

LDF said...

Under normal circumstances, I can handle the lycra in elastic underwear, the glue on the bandaid the deodorant, the cheap laundry soap, the metal on the back of my watch, but turn up the stress and I look like your picture! All over. Even in unmentionable parts. It's most annoying! Hope it disappears soon for you!

Mental P Mama said...

You are awesome!!! And if I may...get Cetaphil soap, Cetaphil cream (I put it everywhere--face and body) and detergent must be All free and clear. Then you live in fear of every foreign item in the outside world. Then you make blog friends and share your wisdom. I am very itchy again tonight, and I swear it's something new that I am allergic to, but haven't figured out. Oh, and I now have to wear my shirts inside out because the thread makes me itch. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

joanne said...

awwww, you poor baby..I'm so sorry, that looks just awful but I can still see how beautiful you are..;p take care ya.

Chris H said...

Love the new carpet, I would love to have that view too.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ouchie on the eye...drink water...lots and lots of water (my answer to just about everything)

Your room looks lovely. wonderfful monday to ya!

Kathy said...

Love that room, looks very warm and welcoming.