Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you want to help.

Some of you at different times have said that you would like to help Jennifer.
She is trying to sell her things pack up and ship some boxes to move in the next week.
We will have plenty of doctor and dentist bills when she comes, but the main thing is to get her here!!
I never thought I would do this.
I have set up a Pay Pal account and if you would like to help just use the little donate button.
Any gift will help even small ones.
I hope someday I am able to return the generosity.


Mental P Mama said...

Done. Thanks for doing the PayPal button. God's Blessings to you all....xoxo, Lauren

Angela said...

I praise God for His leading Karen in all of this and for giving you the wisdom, discernment and guidance....I've always said so many times, it is easier to give many times than to ACCEPT....accept the love, the blessings, the goodness of others through Christ...Your one awesome Mama girl..and a beautiful daughter of the King!!