Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Grass in Columbia and Hunny History.

 I'm feeling behind in my posts. Did I ever tell you about the Bluegrass festival?
 Or about how much fun we had with these folks?
 OR how good some of the musicians were? This base player just rocked!

This is Maggie Mae and she is one heck of a fun performer.

 These sweet ladies were marketing their wares, very inexpensively too.
 Old fashioned hand work.

 Can you see the price tags? Amazing handwork. I asked if they would do mail order but you have to go to a bluegrass festival to find these women. I wish I would have had money to buy it all up.
 The singers liked these jackets. If your on stage they looked alright, pretty fancy and a "Grand Ole Opery" mood.
 I bought an apron from her.
 These guys were really good.
 This was a cool wall hanging for a cabin somewhere.
 This man made me think of Wud Works. He makes mandolins and guitars by hand. These are Do Bros
and I am probably misspelling them. They are played like a slide guitar and they sound great. This man makes these. Beautiful aren't they?

 This guy was selling tupperware of all things and swinging his Maggie Mae towel. These old timers have the "hoe down" party spirit in them. Sittin down and boogie.
 My man needed a ride to the car after all that sitting excitement.
 This place is cool. My husband used to board in this house in 1957. It is now an official historical house.

 The woman who ran it used a bunk house out back for boarders. She fed them from a large round table with a lazy susan on the top.  It was called "Mrs. Rawl's Boarding House" back then.
 Nice house.
 This is the original dining room and table. Lots of pies...

 This was Hunny's first time back since 1957 when he lived here. He was still quite adept at taking a dish off the susan and dishing up what he wanted and then setting it back on. Your not supposed to stop the spin.
 He and his cousin enjoyed themselves immensely. These guys have great chemistry, they crack each other up. You know how with some people you just connect? These two are cousins but they are also friends and they make each other belly laugh. It was awesome.
 Still crazy after all these years....
 Home canning anyone?
 I liked this plate.
 This is the bunk house out back. It isn't used for anything. It's in pretty bad shape.
 But Hunny braved the stairs for a picture.
He had a room in back.  There were several old couples who lived there too. I wish it was still operational. It would be right up my ally. I used to run a little old folks home before I married.
 Back then it cost my Hunny $14.00 a week for a furnished room and meals.
This used to be Southland oil gas station and my Hunny ran this station. It didn't look anything like it does now. We took a picture any way.
 and then back for more of this little cowgirl....
 who charmed our men big time!!! She liked my Hunny, he does have his charm.
I'm surprised these old guys didn't have a coronary. That's a lot of fun for old fellas. She was a doll and she could sing too.  For one of my prizes to Trudy I bought her a CD and enclosed the towel that people swung around when she was yodeling. This girl can yodel- the real deal. Now I don't live to hear yodeling but I can sure appreciate the skill that it takes to do it. As young as she looks she told us she has a daughter in Iraq serving in the military and she has been decorated with a purple heart. Who would have thought? Surprised Maggie Mae too. Her daughter received a commendation for good behavior. Like any mother she wanted to know who her commanding officer was--and how did he do that?


Michelle said...

The festival looks like such a great time. I really love bluegrass music. LOVE that lazy susan. Now that is how you serve a lot of people.

Chris H said...

What a lovely place your hubby lived at! The festival looked like lots of fun... and those wee booties .... fair price too.

joanne said...

Looks like a really great time, what a sweet girl..a yodeler?? My goodness there was a lot of history there for the hubs. Very interesting..;j

Kathie said...

Karen, thanks for taking me along on this fun trip! Loved the photos and the dialogue!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I was holding it together until you brought out the pics of Mr. Tupperware! I burst our laughing! TOO CUTE!!!

Loved seeing the trip down your Hunny's memory lane. : D


Karen Deborah said...

The tupperware man cracked me up too, and the walkers...a real senior citizen hoe down!!