Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Man The Dog and His Sister.

Hands tell.

This dog.

 Is that intelligence in his eyes?

Maybe not. 
His sister gets jealous of him at times. I can't imagine why.


Chris H said...

Love His Nibs hands.... Love the dog... what is that around his neck... and I can't believe how big Roman is beside your girl!

Karen Deborah said...

Roman wears an underground fencing collar. It is a radio frequency/ static/shock correction collar. It works very well too.

farmlady said...

I love that second photo of Roman.I'm sure part of that look on Roman's face is intelligence but I also think that it says...."Please Daddy, can I have some crackers and cheese too."
The "sister" is having entirely too much fun with that dog. How cute!!

Kat said...

Hands really do tell a story, don't they? I love shots of hands. :)
Silly dog.
Silly girl.

Life In a Little House said...

Ha...I have to show you a picture of my poodle Lucy I have been so under the weather her coat has gotten long and she looks like a big teddy bear! Cute pictures!! My poodle does the same thing with her toy she holds it upside down like that. I have a feeling these poodles would give us quite a bit to chat about lol! ~Hope this little note finds you doing well ~Love Heather

Bluebird49 said...

Oh look! He's (Roman) so big, and Jen's pictures show her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty. I'm so glad you have a daughter--they're such blessings, so much blessing going on there..

So--been to the Bluegrass festival yet? I wanna hear all about it here or in an e-mail!