Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This and That Tuesday.

I can't always be a bummer around here, so we are going to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You know girl talk. This is a before picture of one of the rockers. There was nothing wrong with the floral cushions and I saved the covers but.....

For a little variety I made some new ones. It gave me something to do. I have had this fabric for nearly ten years. Does that qualify as a fabric nut? It's a soft velvety plushy thing, apolstery material. I had purchased it for a contrast piping in another piece of furniture that I don't even have anymore!
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

My dog dilemma has been solved. I made a good case to find him a home. Then I started grieving and vacillating.  I did something that most Christians probably do first, but not me; I prayed about it. I specifically prayed a "fleece" prayer. A fleece prayer is a type of prayer that gideon in the Old Testament prayed.  God called him to be a valiant warrior and a leader. At the time Gideon received that call he was literally hiding out because of fear. He was astonished at his call. He argued with this amazing angel messenger and basically said, Y'all sure you got the right dude? I am a nobody, the least in my nobody family and I have no muscles, no strength, and I am sure no warrior, man.  In case you didn't notice I'm not in this threshing floor because it's harvest time, I'm scared to death! That's my very loose para phrase.

I love the OT because it's just full of idiot people just like me and a lot of their stories are hilarious. Some are sad but you know people have always been people since the beginning of time. However most people who actually saw angels fell down in a dead faint. Gideon argued with his. To verify this directive he prayed that if a sheep fleece, that he would lay outside on the ground over night would be wet in the morning, he would know that God wanted him to do this. You see what I mean? Gideon already had an angelic messenger. now he wants to play tricks with some sheep skin. God has a sense of humor so he gave Gideon his wet fleece. Now poor old Gideon was so sure that he was the WRONG guy for this job he prayed again and this time for a dry fleece. He got the dry fleece too. Gideon did accept his job. God was right and they both were amazing.

I have to say all that so you know what I mean about a fleece prayer. I was vacillating as much as Gideon about my poodle. I do believe that God loves us so much he cares about our poodles and whatever else we have going on. The person that I had contacted about Roman was the perfect home. They have money, 2 other dogs one of them a huge white standard poodle, horses and the whole 9 yards. The wife, my friends daughter is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and I don't think her husband denies her anything. So that was my prayer. Lord, if I can keep my dog and your going to provide dog food and help me with all these issues, like safety and expense; then would you please have her husband say no.
 He said No.  To top that off my husband didn't want him to leave. I took 2 days and just shaved him down and gave him a bath. He looks a little scrawny but what the heck? He'll be a lot easier to care for nekkid. Dog problem solved, he stays. I'd do a happy dance but I might break something or hurt something, so my happy dance is in my inner child....yeah that's what I'm talkin bout!

For a little decorating on a shoestring I thought I'd show you my room and show you my little trick.  See that CD player? I turn that on before I get up for music therapy. It helps me set my mind right. AS much as this defective brain can be set.

These are dark wine colored shams that don't match anything. I turned them inside out.  They STILL don't match but with the other stuff I can get away with this. I think. Feel free to tell me I'm mistaken if I have grieviously offended your eyes. If you scroll back up you can see the edges and ties of the solid color they are. When they are right side out.

This is my little sitting hang out spot. I wanted a little space in my room so I could give the kids some alone time in the living room. My daughter says my inner hippie is alive and well and just won't die. I think she's crazy. This isn't hippie. That child ain't never seen hippie!!!

I'll finish up with a little update. If your sick of hearing about RSD/CRSP then exit stage left Snagglepuss, this is your que to skeeedaaaddle.

Mental P Mama, God bless her sweet soul, sent me the info about RSDhope.ORG. I put a link on my side bar. The letter to loved ones is amazing, explaining this disease to others. But here is the deal, the good deal. I was so comforted to read that the changes I am experiencing are PHYSIOLOGICAL. I have never even heard of this until I received my own diagnosis. I was dumfounded really.  It has been liberating to read this website. The mental stuff, the depression, not being able to search and retrieve words from my data base called a brain, hello! I think it vacated it's habitat and many many other symptoms all defined clearly and laid out one by one. Most amazing was the McGill pain score. I knew I was hurting a lot. The score states that RSD is by far the most painful chronic disorder known to man. A cancer score is 24, an RSD score is 42. WOW. So I am really not a whiny butt. I just feel like I have let this thing take control of my life. Apparently everyone feels that way because the author says that you don't feel that way without cause. It does control your life. Everything I have been struggling with was addressed. So you can just imagine how much MORE I love that MPM chick. I already was sitting in her AMEN corner but now?!! Hey baby I am over in that corner slam dancing--mentally of course.

Another answer to prayer.

THEN in the mail was a letter from Dr. David Jeremiah one of my most favorite authors, and teacher. He wrote a new book "Where is God When Your World Falls Apart," dealing with ta da ta da horn blast 
present pain in your life! Excuse me seems that was my other complaint.

Another answer to prayer. 

Just a quick clarification what I am calling prayer has been a lot of whiny one liners. There hasn't been any formal bowing of the head our even an opening "heavenly Father or Dear Lord". I have been a mess and God is getting a lot of warty prayers. Since I think of "prayer" as ANY communication with God, and I mean any, then that's what He gets. A lot of the same that you get. Which is why dear Chris I say I am not "religious" either!!! We are talking relationship here.

God has gotten it threw my thick stubborn head in about 24 hours that He has not departed for another universe on spring break. He's right where He said He'd be on His throne and within ear shot of all my complaints. It's so nice to know I'm being heard. Thank God.


Kathie said...

Karen Deborah,
I have been following your blog for awhile and after your post of a few days ago when you let it all out and were talking abut finding Roman a new home, I said a prayer and lit a candle for you as I am not great at expressing things in words for one thing and secondly, I have fought depression all my life and I recognize it when I see it. I also recognize that when a person is depressed the last thing they want is someone giving them advice as in " you need to get out of the house" and "Pull yourself together". I had looked up RSD online and knew it could be devastatingly painful. I am a 3 time cancer survivor, twice from breast cancer which I had a recurrence of last July and I have been through depression, and come out the other side. In researching this illness, I happened across a blog writer who also has it. I wondered if that would be of some help to you, to read someone else who has the same thing and what their life is like. If you want to check it out, email me at krbass @ roadrunner dot com. I am so happy to see you looking up again and even happier to know you are keeping your "love" Roman.

Angela said...

I love the above comment and how the Lord has led her to pray for you..I love how the Lord has answered so many of your prayers girl....and I just love you!

Mental P Mama said...

I am sensing shades of our KD coming back to us! And, just for the record, I think that turning that sham inside out is sheer genius;) Hugs.

Kathy said...

I love your decorating! You are gifted. I love your hippie comments... not sayin' anymore about that ;-)
Hurray when HE answers our prayers to our way of thinking!
I am so glad you were led to the RSD website. Some more hope for you; I have a dear friend who was bucked off her mule (he is ours now) and suffered greatly before she was diagnosed with RSD. Her physical, mental and spiritual trials have been similar to what you have confessed. For a long time she went everywhere carrying a soft squeegy type ball in her almost usless hand, constantly pumping that little ball. I know she hurt. all. the. time. Today....she is very very much better!

Kat said...

I can hear a bit of a spark come back to you. I can honestly hear it. The Lord is definitely right there with you. And I think you are meant to keep Roman. Clearly.

I am so glad you are finding things to be thankful for in the midst of your pain.

My continued prayers are with you!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

Yes it really true that a bit of my spark is sparkin, in and out off and on. But I AM ENCOURAGED even though nothing at all with my circumstances has changed.

Unknown said...

Amen. I'm so happy to hear.

Our Lord is faithful, even when we are not.

Your sham idea is pure genius!!!! I LOVE it!!!

J_on_tour said...

I've just popped in from a Farmchick link when I just read your unusual comment (who I originally followed for photography reasons, btw). I adhere to your natural style and content except perhaps the floral cushions ... coz I'm a northern Brit bloke lyke. I usually skip blog links with loadsa words as it's not kinda my thing but I must say that yours is entertaining and meaningful. A great start to my day, thanks.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I love the glimpses from your home Karen Deborah.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

KarenD - I had no idea you were struggling with RSD. A friend of mine has a daughter who's been diagnosed, and it's been quite the nightmare. AT least now they have a diagnosis. If you'd like I'd be happy to hook you up with her on Facebook - she's a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Stay strong and hang in there.

Karen said...

I'm so glad you're keeping Roman. I think canine therapy is a very good thing for you right now.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm always just happy to see you've posted! It means something--that, even if, as you say, your circumstances haven't really changed--you're willing to talk.

Your home always looks so warm--and I love the inside out shams---I think they look really good. I like the little bit of color on the outsides.

Chris H said...

I love the inside out sham.
I am over the moon that you are keeping Roman.