Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chew on This

I went to my woman baby and said I was sorry. Crawled onto her bed with her and snuggled while she vented. Mothers can be stupid, but we are mothers, so our daughters will forgive us. I have learned after half of a century to just listen quietly. No comments during a vent session is very important for successful reconciliation. The hardest thing on this earth for me to do is to shut up.  Duct tape anyone?

Not only the frustration of living with your mother who blurts out whatever kind of crap she is thinking but ...

It's so hard to move to a completely different place. I remember what it was like leaving my good friends, the beach, the mountains, the trees, the FOOD. It's a big change.
She still hasn't found a girl friend, but she will. At least the kids are adjusting pretty well. They will feel better when they have their own place. As long as she works evenings and weekends though it's better for all of them to be here. We aren't the most attentive grandparents in the world but we are here. That gives them some security. We also need to go out more and see what fun is available.

I know I have needed to let you know after my last post that this was better but.....
this beast which a friend of mine said; I should have named Jethro....(notice the size of these paws?!?)
has been about as bad of a dog as he can be. Yes those are my glasses. What used to be my glasses. We found them out in the backyard. I say we but it was not me. I cannot see more than a foot from my face. My world is a soft fuzzy place with no crisp clear edges to things and certainly no details like little broken glasses in the grass. Sweet Jesus how to cultivate thanksgiving on this day?
I decided I was thankful that I didn't slit that dogs throat. I really did want to kill him. Hell hath no fury like a woman .... blinded by her dog.
You noticed of course that there is another chewed up item. That would be my remote. FIDO has also chewed up Jen's sunglasses. There have been other disasters of late, books, papers off of my desk, and food from the countertops. He has multiple chew toys, rawhide strips and anything else a dog could desire to chew up. He is just plain TALL. He can reach most anything with all four mondo paws on the ground. Should he decide to elevate said mondo paws and raise up, well that settles it. Destruction is inevitable. Do you wonder if this beastie has a death wish?
We have held discussions (Brutus and myself). I have informed him these behaviors could banish him to the great outdoors. He may become a yard dog.
He just looks at me with big brown eyes and says, "No you won't."
He has my number. How on God's green earth do I get his?  I wish I could walk him. He pulls to hard for me to train him. Something has to give- he is BORED. A playmate would help, like another beast to romp with. I can just see the HUNNY's face on that idea! I have not dared to say it out loud.
I myself do not think I could manage the stress of any more critters.
In the mean time.... the sweet fluffy Puffins is scoring points big time. He couldn't be sweeter. He purrs, he cat talks, he cuddles, he's not demanding except to be loved. I have switched him to canned food and he is blissed out. Who would have thought that stinky canned food could make a kitty so adorably happy? My stars, the dog lover is becoming a cat woman.  Will wonders never cease?

Sometimes it takes real determination to find gratitude. My husband rototilled the garden and maybe some irises were sacrificed during the job, but he tilled. The ground looks promising. I cannot focus on the future bug swarms. I must look at that earth we have amended until it is very good soil  and hope for the best. Thinking on the butterflies to come instead of the beetles. Think of the blooms to cut and arrange into vases in the house instead of rotting squash vines, attacked by the insect kingdom.

It's a battle everyday. Seems like ever since I decided to find thanksgiving and beauty in my life the battle has increased. It has.

This is winning.
I have an old pair of glasses to wear until my new ones from zenni optical arrive. My new glasses are $100 which for my prescription is amazing. Provision.
My Hunny has managed to save a bit and has a little emergency fund to buy the glasses. Praise God.
We have plenty of groceries, fresh fruit and spring greens for salad. Provision.
Our weather has been beautiful in a world full of trouble, how amazing is that? Wonder.
I did not kill my dog. I did not even beat him. I kept my temper. Miracle of all miracles.
The cup of coffee I am sipping on is so delicious. Satisfaction.
More and more of the things I need to buy are showing up at the dollar store. Amazing.
My dentist adjusted Lindsey's braces for free. Blessing.
My husband and I have been sitting in the garden together and just talking. Bonding.
I am still thinking of things to do. Maybe read stories to children. I love to read children's stories.
I am a very good reader. I am a very good driver.  Hope and humor.

Be encouraged if I can overcome negativity it is possible for anyone. No matter what your problems are you can too. My dog is peeing on the rug right now! No I am not kidding. GAH


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Prayers answered.

God is good.


Chris H said...

Oh dear, we have a little girl dog named Coco who is into chewing anything she can get her paws on too... only she can't reach most things like Roman!
WE have barriers around the house to keep her out of places.
I'm so glad you are doing well Chick...

Mental P Mama said...

Wonderful! I have a friend who has a greyhound. Said greyhound ate an entire wall. An ENTIRE wall--sheetrock and all. He is still alive, too. Dogs'll do that to ya.

Unknown said...

They say dogs that chew are either puppies teething, or looking for attention. I think I used to do the same thing before I got a blog.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I just got out of the shower, wherein I was prayin' and praisin' over the return of "cozy" to your cottage life. All of a sudden I started laughing as it dawned on me that your poodle is a bigger problem than an "elephant in the room."

Girlfriend, he's adorable but he's certainly no Rasmus! I guess I should start prayin' you get taller tables or for that dog to grow shorter legs. ; D


Did I read that right??? A dog ATE a WALL!?!?!?! Somebody wasn't paying attention. WOW! Now I'm laughing all over again!!

Life In a Little House said...

Oh my your poodle is really being naughty lol!! maybe one of your grandkids could have the chore of taking him for a run. They have so much energy and they are so smart we are lucky to live on land like we do I take Lucy out and let her run all over and that really helps. I think because they are so smart they get bored. I also put all of Lucy's toys in a basket and it is like a game to her she takes them all out. And when you notice them out throw them back in again...she loves this....I love your positivity I need a dose or two of that we had a tough weekend in our house. But much like you I look for all those little things...and a cup of coffee is wonderful sometimes isn't it!! Praying for you so glad that you can see some blessing!! Love Heather

Flea said...

I squishy heart zenni. And I hope you smacked that dog after it peed on your carpet.

Karen Deborah said...

OK because I am already bbeeeeehind on reading YOUR blogs and commenting at them here goes. I did whack Roman for peeing the big dupe knows better. I cannot believe a dog ate an entire wall. I wish I had Lucy to run with Roman actually what would be even better is if he was playing with Lucy at your place Heather!! Flea you told me the first time about zenni and I squishy heart YOU for that! Chris there are no barriers for a poodle this big. But he is fixin to get a lickin if he don't straighten up!

Kat said...

Oh my gosh! That dog! I think he has a death wish, the sassy little stink! I will not complain about my puppy eating paper anymore. I used to get so mad when I would go in the bathroom and see she had eaten the toilet paper right off the roll as it hung on the dispenser. Crazy dog. Eat it like cotton candy! But I won't complain anymore. At least it isn't my glasses. Or my remote! AH!

I went back and read your previous post before I read this one. I am so glad you and your daughter talked it out. It sounds so typical of a mother/daughter relationship. Mothers just have to bite their tongues so much with daughters and it is hard to do. We are all a work in progress. All we can do is try.

Great job of your positivity. Seriously. You are awesome! :)

Laura~peach~ said...

we had a dog who ate the wires to the a/c brake shoes and shingles... we eventually gave skeeter away to a friend... he was something else...
WAY TO GO ON listening and DUCT TAPING :) I am workign on that so much my self.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your gratitude lists they are awesome!

Debbie said...

Oh my, not sure I could handle a dog that large...LOL. Mine are tiny. I have 1 that chews, blankets, rugs, anything cloth. Chewed a hole in our electric blanket we just bought this winter. Oh I was mad, but we love them, right?
Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving your sweet comment. It made my day!!

God Bless~

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am so happy to hear things have improved with your daughter. Sometimes we just need to have someone listen to our problems and be quiet--I also am a mother that NEEDS to work on that!

Kathie said...

I read the post about your daughter but didn't comment because...well, last winter my 43 year old son visited me and he vented about all the horrible things that happened in his childhood which about destroyed my being for months...and I said somethings as did he that I regretted and he did also. But when I am hurt I can't keep my big mouth shut. I am happy to read that you got things settled between you and your daughter and I love your gratitude lists, they really make ms stop and think.
I have two things for you, I had a 6 month old dobie puppy that completely chew a loveseat into bits one night while I was at work and had decided not to kennel her that night.Last time I made that mistake...but I didn't punish,,she wouldn't have known why after that many hours anyway.
AND, I had a dobie puppy some years later, that tipped over the glass on my night stand that had my lower partial plate in it and chewed it in two! Only $400 to replace and I woudn't go out inpublic for two weeks until I got my new one. Many years ago but the memories remain. Now I have two chis but they just like to dig into the garbage bag occasionally!
Love you KD!