Monday, January 16, 2012

Beauty and the Beasts

An Undiscovered ARTIST

Are you amazed by the incredible abilities of some people to express beauty?

Linda Lime in the Coconut has an eye for beauty. Linda couldn't you be Bobbi's PR person? If your impressed a blog post by you just might take her into a whole new horizon. Just sayin--no pressure.  She has to get discovered her work just blows me away!

When I took Kayla to interview for the art department at Bellhaven we must have talked with the chairman for almost 3 hours! Kayla wasn't connecting with him, I did. He was trying to convince me to enroll at the college and learn to draw and paint. I wish I had the money. I do not have $17,000 a year to go back to school. I need to go back to school to work on my writing I have become sloppy.

I was flattered though. He saw in me the mind and heart of an artist. He said that he could teach anyone to draw and paint but he cannot teach an artist how to see or think. It was a very interesting day.

My friend Bobbi went through midlife trauma when her marriage fell apart. Instead of becoming a drunk or getting bitter she went to art college. She has not been doing this her whole life but she is brilliant already. Her daughter is the subject of the painting of the lovely young blond asleep on the couch. Mothers never lose that pleasure of watching their children sleep. I laugh when I watch my daughter sleep because she snores, it runs in the family. I do too.

Bobbi has always made everything beautiful, her home, her food, her garden. She has such a flair for living and I have always enjoyed my visits with her. She raised her children well an awesome mom. I have two watercolors that her daughter painted when she was 14 years old that I just love. They are so whimsical and fun. Funny what things survive time and stay in my hands, those pictures are just priceless to me. I should get copies made and send them to Bobbi. You know should-bees are like wanta-bees and oughta-bees; they don't give any honey. Maybe someday I'll get that done.

Since I'm talking about interesting artistic people....check out this lady.
Janie Fox Talks Sometimes when I read a bog I like that person immediately. I get that "ooooh you are so my cup of tea," feeling. I'm actually not a very good blogger in terms of acquiring a huge following or reading a ton of blogs and new blogs. I just can't do it! I'd be reading 24 hours a day.
I like to actually read and savor posts, I don't skim them. I also like to make a "real" comment not just a little generic statement. UNLESS you knock my socks off and I'm speechless. IT CAN HAPPEN!  Sometimes the only response is a one word response you know? Hum I mean in a good way. I t could be a bad way but not blogging, save that for driving around idiots.

Lets see who else? This isn't what I planned to do but the post can have a life of it's own right? I think my animals have bugs as in "walking dandruff "as in big mess. We are going to the vet tomorrow KA CHING and it will be huge because two cats and two dogs with the same thing has got to be expensive. Then we will do the house work the laundry work and probably set off flea bombs or call and exterminator to spray inside and out. KA CHING. The really bad news is that it will all go on my VISA because there is no income for this. That's what I was going to blog about. About how changing your financial status can really upset the apple cart of your life. Marriage is strained actually really really strained. I could be a big girl and re home the animals but I don't WANT to. SPOILED BRAT.  I love them. i could give away the cats. I keep hoping that Kayla will come back. Puffins is her baby. I am already crazy about Sammy. I'm thinking he is a labradoodle. His face has a lot of lab in it. Every day he looks better and feels better. He is so happy. He wakes up and does a little happy dance that looks like a lamb leaping, ADORABLE! Roman is serious natured. Poor Roman has been having issues with his skin for months and months. Shoot fire the dang abandoned cat has always had this prolific case of dandruff. The initiator of the problem. Could it be that is why his owner left him behind when he moved away? I have never heard of this "walking dandruff" a yukky mite.
Tomorrow after I go to the vet I'll fill you in with all the gory details.

Today I'm staying in bed. Today I am having a pain day off. My body is exhausted and it hurts. It hurts enough to feel in my sleep so that I can't really get to sleep. I have the dogs in the yard.
We are all home resting because it's  a holiday. Our state celebrates this day as a shared holiday of Martin Luther King and Robert E Lee. I'm not a racist and Robert E Lee wasn't either. Actually the Civil War was initially more about the North wanting to tax the South's cotton industry than slavery.
Robert E Lee was a fine man and Martin Luther King was a fine man, they are both in heaven together where there is neither slave nor free but Christ in all.

I have rambled on long enough. Check out Bobbi and leave her a comment. Maybe you all can help her be discovered. She needs to be in some classy galleries in San Francisco and New York. Her work is incredible.
Enjoy Janie she is fun.
Pray for Heather There and Back Again as her family and her dogs return to the US from the middle east and a huge amount of tension there. Pray they all leave safely.

Pray for Lauren Mental Pause Mama as she faces breast cancer, with an amazing attitude. She just ran a half marathon to raise money for the Lymphoma Leukemia Society. She raised over $7000, and she new about her diagnosis when she ran. That news was one of those speechless moments.

Pray for me because I need it. I just do.
I'm going to read blogs now.


jean said...

Never heard of walking dandruff, either. I hope you feel better soon. It's not easy having pains in the body.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Praying...just 'cause you need to check out Bobbie. And as far as the shutter paint, it is "darker than the walls". I am hopeless that way! Hope the day healed you a bit! Or a bunch!

Kat said...

Praying for you and your friends. Hope you all find peace and healing.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh KD, sorry to hear about this flare-up. Sending lots of warm hugs and healing vibes. I can share them! And, check into a community art place to just take a class here and are too creative not to explore the possibility. Trust me on this;) And, thanks so much for all the love and prayers. It is working. xoxo

Kathy said...

I'm having internet hook up problems it seems... just want to say that you are a sweet lady! Good luck with the bugs.