Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Something Sammy

Can you believe this dog? Isn't he gorgeous? He has no hair because of skin itching. No fleas, eating Wellness so I'm puzzled....ragweed? We changed his diet anyway to Wilderness Blue which has no grain and I bought the duck since he hasn't eaten that before. He was eating the salmon which I thought would fix his skin. As gorgeous as he is he has dry flaky itchy skin. He is really beginning to come into his won now. SMART!!!! He is a lot of dog enough dog for anyone don't you think? I mean if you had this much dog would you get ANOTHER one?
Now this? I'm not sure yet if this is smart. Actually I am sure it wasn't smart it was soft. Soft in the head and well yeah soft in the heart. Meet Sammy. You know Roman looks us in the eye doing this so you can sort of gauge his size.

Sammy and Roman still getting used to each other. Sammy is a rescue. I have never rescued an animal before unless the squirrel counts. Do rodents count?
The cute fur is hiding a rack of bones although this fella has done nothing but eat drink pee and poop. He has filled out a lot in the last 3 days. I have to clean up poop at least 10 times a day because he goes so MUCH and so OFTEN. I am letting him eat all he wants. The first time he ate here he gorged himself until I thought he was going to choke and puke. PITIFUL!
 I wish I knew more about dogs. I got him from my vet. He was abandoned there in terrible shape. Almost starved to death. My groomer told me about him and I went over there took one look and put him in the truck,

 of course we were in love by the time we got home.
It only takes a few minutes to love a dog. That is if your a person and not 70 pounds of possessive male poodle= Roman. Sammy isn't neutered yet. The vet thinks he is about a year and a half old. He looks like a puppy until you look at his teeth and smell his GAH awful breath. I actually have an appointment next week at the vet to make sure he isn't sick. He looks good, his fur is pretty but his breath reeks so bad and all this pee and poop have got me WORRYINGwondering. LIKE I said I have never rescued a dog before much less a starved one so I don't know about this. His breath smells like ammonia at times.  We already went back for a gooey eye, it was an ulcer so he is getting drops 3 times a day, wormed for good measure and a round of antibiotics just because it makes me feel better. I guess. Kathy Dee where are you? I just want to rule out diabetes. However I suppose if you had lost so much weight that you got into your muscle mass that also could make  ketosis type of oder. He acts alright. He acts happy. Each day he has more energy. It was 2 days before he barked. All he did was eat and sleep and want attention. He has been at the vet for over a month, he was too nervous there to  gain weight but he did gain a little. His hips were about 4 inches across and nothing but bones and skin. His teeth are gross. I got some of that enzyme spray but when he gets neutered hopefully he can have a dental too. KA CHING KA CHING KA CHING. Look at me spending like I've got it.
Don't you wish sometimes that animals could tell us their stories?

Maybe tomorrow I can get him to look at me for more than a few seconds.
We are walking all together because Ceaser says that makes you a pack.
Roman is humping and I am really trying to get him to quit. Today was our best day. I got a retractable leash and that makes Roman calm and he listens better.
Sammy is leash trained. Seeing the shape this little guy was in I'm going to get them both micro chipped as soon as I can afford it!
First things first.

Oh I almost forgot the best part. He isn't potty trained to go outside ALL the time.
I have never seen so much pee in one place on the floor. I wish I could measure this. It's a LOT.The good news is he is smart. I take him out every 2 hours to pee and poop. That's a lot of poop like I told you!

I am not exaggerating either. So we are working on learning to potty outside all the time.
Dumb me I sold my crate. I'm trying to find a used one. Cheap.
That would help I'm sure.
I'm busy and TIRED.

So busy I forgot to say Happy New Year!
Did you make any resolutions?
My new years resolutions this year are as follows.

Be nice pretend my family are friends and talk nicely to them.
Walk the dogs every day.
Pick up the poop every day.
Avoid any more cute dogs that need homes like the plague.

Eat less, drink more ----yeah right but I mean water.
Remember I have a blog and write on it.
Remember to publish comments.
Remember to remember.

I also have some goals and one is to reduce:

I'll let you know in February if I am getting anywhere.

OK if you are knowledgeable about dogs in this condition I hereby forthwith invite you to wax eloquent in the comment section. Enlighten me puhleeze!


joanne said...

sorry no help here. My first thought was ketosis but if you ruled that out then I don't know. He is certainly a cute little guy...will he get as big as Roman? You get all the fun...eh?
Happy New Year sweetie, I miss you much...

Bluebird49 said...

I love Sammy, Roman, your grandkids, your daughter--you and Jimmy--have I forgotten anything-but I can't read the silver print on the orange, Girlfriend! Wonder what's wrong with my eyes??

Happy New Year, Karen!

Karen Deborah said...

I was working on the print. blogger went crazy on me tonight, Love you back and no we haven't ruled out ketosis yet.
Sammy is totally adorable such a cute little guy. I don't know if being inundated with dukey duty is FUN.

Debbie said...

I do have a favor to ask. I can hardly read the white print on orange background. Could you maybe change it? Thanks! I have terrible eye sight, good old diabetes.
I too am a sucker for a rescue. All mine have been rescues. Baby, our doxie had the worse breath when we got her due to poor nutrition. Maybe that is what is was with Sammy. A cleaning might help. I would think the doc would have picked up diabetes in him, but not sure. Seems the vet you rescued him from would do some of the work pro bono. I am sure that they are grateful he went to a loving home. I hate when a new dog comes in and the humping going on. It's shows dominence, I have been told, even girl's do it. I imagime Roman is telling Sammy that he is the KING dog...LOL. Sammy is a beautiful dog, and will be so grateful to you for rescuing him. Rescues seem to know. He will be worth it, if he is like any of my rescues.

God Bless~

Heather said...

Oh wow!! Congrats on your new friend. Please email me if you have any questions I have rescued several dogs. Lucy our standard Poodle is a rescue as well. I used to have 2 greyhounds and they come often with bad teeth and very yicky tummies....over at the blog cottage life on pilgrims farm I believe one of her dogs was a stray and she gave it a clove of garlic everyday and said she had really great results... Here you can get a probiotic for there bellies from the vet. I wonder if you can get the same back there it comes in a tube. If we are leaving soon I will see if I can buy a tube and bring it back with me :)...Yogurt!! would be great...We have the dogs now on Royal Canin and they both have done better on this than any...okay probably to much info but seriously if you have any questions feel free to send me an email. Good luck with your new buddy I am sure you will get him all cleaned up and good as new in no time!! Praying he has no health issues :) Love Heather

Chris H said...

Our Teddy had very itchy skin and would knaw himself raw! It seems to have been an allery of some kind, we think fleas/grass pollens.
He is all better FOR NOW.
I hope you do find out what is bothering Sammy's skin. It could be the shampoo used, or food?
I am so glad you remembered to publish me comments! lol
Your goals this year are admirable, I too much remember to treat family as if they are friends, then I would stop yelling at them! lol

Bluebird49 said...

Oh--I can see it so much better now, thank you! I know your heart is a soft one--and that's as it should be! But I don't think I could do the poop thing for long. A littler box is too much for me already--but I do it anyway...cause I have that soft heart, too! Have fun with Sammy and Roman...they'll work it out between themselves!

jean said...

How so nice of you to take Sammy home! You have heart. Sometimes, it takes a bit of time for a dog that's been so neglected to become healthy again. I rescued two. One of the best things I did for my rescues was give them a crushed raw garlic in some hamburger meat (cooked or raw)everyday. It cleared up both infections and skin problems in about a month. Maybe that is something you could try with Sammy and see what happens. Garlic is not toxic to dogs like so many think, unless they are allergic to it. I wish you the best. Thanks for visiting me and commenting!!

Little Military Wife said...

He looks like a giant version on my shih poo Gizmo!!!!! They are beautiful!