Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Best of Intentions

I was going to begin a sewing project today, post something profoundly witty and fun, and maybe pull a few weeds.
It's not happening. NADA.
We are having a very spring like winter. My daffodils and narcissus are BLOOMING. It is still January and they are quite early.

All my plans are set aside because I think I may have  acquired a bug. Not a visible bug that I could squish, don't I wish. One of those nasties that make you feel not quite right in one minute and just plain awful the next. I have a stomach ache, a bit of nausea and a whole lot of hurting. My husband had something that included belching from his toenails.

Sometimes I feel sweaty and then chilled. I hope it's not the flu. I also hope it's 24 hours and done because my stomach hurting causes me to regress. Even at my age I can want my mama. Mama knew how to comfort so well that just her hug would make it all better.

My friend sent me to a blog today. It's the blog of a young woman with her new baby exploring the joys of her first newborn. She is blessed not to have to drop him off at a day care, she gets to be his mother. Go visit her she is special and lovely. She has always been brilliant. Her artwork from her youth is on my wall. http://whatcolorislove.wordpress.com/

Simply stated and perhaps a beginning for discussion, I believe the women's movement of the 70's ripped women off. The workplace is not all the glamor it was touted up to be. Leaving babies and children in others care is nerve wracking. I know some women love to work, but there are women who would love to be home. They don't really now how. The children they gave birth too and sent to day care may or may not have manners, may or may not be obedient, and the question is; do you like them?  Once you are working and have bills how do you go home? Is it cost effective to live on one income? A working executive who crunched numbers all day began to suspect that it could be and she wrote a book about her journey back to the keeper of her hearth.  She was so successful she began helping others and she has a website. http://www.miserlymoms.com/default.htm

We all love our children. I remember reading a book as a very young and very scared new mother. One of the tips was to change the newborn before feeding for a couple of reasons, to really get them awake so they would feed well; and to begin the process of teaching a moment of delayed gratification. The point was? To set a goal to raise children you like to be around. I remembered that.

Women don't have to feel like keeping a home is not a good use of their time. It takes a lot of work.
Keeping a home includes being the artist of that home setting the mood, creating a sanctuary for the people who live there. The weaving of a family, the rearing of young people shaping them training them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Being there when they have a stomach ache so that way down the road in life, even when they themselves are grandmothers; a stomach ache is a deep reminder of the soul of what a mothers comfort felt like. It affirms everything I believe and all that I have done.


Jeanie said...

I hope the stomach bug has begun to take its leave...those are just plain awful.
It is sad to think about a sick child whose mother is too busy with other things to be able to give the child care and comfort.

joanne said...

that was a very profound post today and really got me thinking of my own babies. It's always been a hard choice for women and insead of being each others support we've taken sides as to who is a better mom, quality vs. quantity. I want it all...always have!
hope your tummy feels better sweetie.

Bluebird49 said...

Just wrote a long comment--wasn't signed in, and lost it. Maybe it's a good thing. Your post was very thoughtful and I know what you mean--I want my mommy, too! I stayed at home with my children--it was what we had to do. We did without much, and I don't know how much it hurt them. I think both working moms and SAHMs can be either good moms or bad--and not because they work or no, really. I've seen both. My DIL stays at home--and they can afford it much better--they waited til she was 30 to have children, and had their debts paid off. I do think you're right about the 60s and 70s being a pivotal time for the US and moms and women....and I am afraid there is no going back.
I can't sleep, so I may as well read what GOOO writers can come up with!!Keep it up. I've been reading this blog:
She was a doctor in her "first marriage w/children". Now she is in her "2nd w/young children" and stay home and home-schools! Amazing! I guess time will tell the difference in the older set and the younger ones.:)

jean said...

Hope you are now over the "bug". The so called women's lib certainly did do a rotten job on everybody, and might I add, especially on husbands and children. We forgot that God created us to be wives and mothers when called to do so. Good post.