Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sammy's Saga

What a difference a day makes. A couple of things have happened that are very encouraging. Sammy's poop firmed up for one. I think he really did have some kind of oral infection because the smell is greatly reduced AND I bought some of that enzyme spray that is advertised on TV for dogs.
Guess what?
It works. Really the dogs teeth are quickly cleaning up. Romans are looking good too. What a great product! It's so nice not to turn my head and gag when this little fella puffs in my face.
I decided that after a total free for all of round the clock eating and some pretty rapid weight gain we could try meals. Today we served 3 bowls of Wilderness Duck to skinny Sammy. Roman eats better being offered meals. He tends to graze or eat late at night. He's so much like me that it's weird.

Now if we can just complete the house training.....

And if he'll slow down this rapid respiratory rate.  I did get him tested and he is heart worm NEGATIVE! yeah!!!! Maybe his metabolism is going fast with all this eating.

His ribs are filling in. He and Roman are walking nicely together. Romanwill  still try the assault and hump routine but less. I wish Sammy would just lay down and roll over! They are nuzzling a little bit. THAT is encouraging. I'm hoping that they will bond better once Sammy is neutered. I think he must be a goldendoodle or labradoodle. His coat is so soft and I love his tail.

My friend said that in the previous post I implied that Sammy won't look at me. He does and he is very sweet. He won't hold still long enough to get a good picture!

Roman is the majestic one, he poses for the camera. It's so funny Roman sees where Sammy has peed or pooped on the laundry room floor and he just looks at me. I can practically read his mind and he is saying, "Really? You brought home this little pig that is eating us out of house and home AND he does this mess IN the house? He sure is getting away with bloody murder".
Then I explain to Roman that Sammy has had a tough time and he will figure it out. I ask Roman to teach him how to open the door and encourage him to go outside. I explain to Roman that if he will quit tackling Sammy like a professional linebacker that he will have a lot more fun outside and that will help too.

This is the state of my mind after the first week of my first dog rescue. I have big conversations with poodles.  I have bent over so many times to clean up poop and pee that my back is just wrecked.
The poop factory is on overtime.  If I didn't go clean up everyday my entire neighborhood would reek. There would be a small mountain of dog crap in the yard. I would have nightmares of poop poltergists. Instead of the muddy cemetary it would be dog poop and we would be having to run for our lives. Of course in the nightmare the little stinky dog would be panting happily after us pooping all the way.

I know you don't believe me so I may take pictures.
You know I might be losing it if you come here and see pictures of piles.
It's possible.
I might end up in the Guiness book of world records.

It figures that my claim to fame would involve poop. It just figures.


Heather said...

Ha it must be a poodle thing because Lucy acts like royalty also and always poses for photos!! hehehe.....Have fun with your new guy....let me see some more pics we can figure out what his mix is :) they even mix Dobermans now with poodles just about everything really....I am sure in now time he will be just fine and fitting in perfectly ~enjoy your new friend Love Heather
p.s. I know you probably don't believe me but the once a day feeding really helps with the poop factory....since we switched to the once a day and a biscuit for breakfast life is a lot less stinky....good food helps also they digest more of it and less comes out obviously ehehehe enough of my potty talk xoxo :)

jean said...

Poodle dogs are so beautiful. Definitely majestic looking. I'm glad to see Sammy is doing better and am sure with your loving care, he will come to good health.

Laura~peach~ said...

poodle poos... i remember the days... when we had a poodle (the queen of the house) a doberman pincher( the wimp of the house) and a bassett hound (the entertainer) when the poodle got mad she would poop more... UGGGGG
keep up the awesome work with sammy and who knows roman my listen and take over training of sammy LOL :)
love n hugs

Chris H said...

I am so happy my little dogs leave LITTLE poops!

Janie Fox said...

I am glad to hear that dog mouth spray works and I am going to buy it. My dog's breath is death and I have to turn my head! You dogs are just beautiful. I am also on the diet/lifestyle change. ..but I keep having relapses. ugh. GLad to meet you from Becky! I'll be back too!