Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Thoughts and Pics

I just want to write this morning. My head is full of thoughts and not to many are cohesive. Imagine that?  To write or not to write that is the question. Whether it is nobler to write some colossal missive or a bunch of random ideas is yet to be determined!

What is it about the new year that makes us set goals and re examine ourselves? Hopefully in this techie super fast age some of that is still occurring. Can you multitask and introspect? I think not but then I'm not to hot on multi tasking anymore. Don't get me wrong I can do it! I have been the queen of multitask especially in nursing. When I stopped working full time I began to realize just how stressful multi tasking is. How quickly that lesson was forgotten in the multi tasking of two dawgs!
Sammy ( he really isn't all nose it's kind of a strange angle)

Roman (he really is a patchwork of colors and not a black dog. Who take da dawg wid da skinny legs ?) 

Sporting the new hip clip.

this is fun?

dog bonding?
Good night nurse. I don't know about you but I can really get lost in some idiotic fantasies. In my mind I saw Roman and Sammy posed together on the big dog bed. Cuddling up or running laps AROUND the garden beds. Guess what? I don't have to say a word do I? Yes, it's arghhhhhhah argggggghh wrastle nip squeal hump holler, and um the race for the bed is my bed and my room smells like DAAAWWWG.
Someone is having to do a lot more laundry and have the Fabreeze can handy.
However I can't say I'm sorry I got Sammy. The lesson in this dog scenario is that if I would have waited on God's perfect timing He would have given me my hearts desire. Waiting is not my forte so I pushed and purchased the beast. He is a good dog just a very large and very strong dog. My sister in law told me to get  a spiked choke chain and that would stop him from yanking me across the street on his whims. My stomach churned at the thought. I do have a real fear of having Roman injuring me. Maybe I do need to try one. I think they are gross. If you are not Ceaser the dog whisperer with the calm and assertive attitude; just how do you control a powerful dog?

Attitudes. Truth be told my attitude sucks. I hate getting out of bed in the morning. I am cranky when I wake up. If the kitchen is a mess it puts me in a foul mood. If the dawgs start their arghhhh arghh arghhh mouthing and wrastling before I get that first cup of coffee that makes me want to shoot them.
What a nasty person.  No one has ever accused me of being nice in the morning hence my goal to talk to my family like they are friends. My house being in perfect order can't be more important than the people who live in it. That is true but why is it I am so much nicer when it looks like this?
ah love it clean. Notice the absence of that big painting?

I love Christmas but I also love to put it all away!!

I have a new window thanks to a boys dart game.

Than this?
my laundry room mess

Yesterday Jennifer choked on a big horse capsule. It scared her to death. She came at me nakkid as a jay bird in a panic. I tried a few back blows but it didn't help so I just had her bend over and talked calmly to her reassuring her that she was breathing and encouraging her to cough. I sugested she see if she dislodge it with her finger and she did move it some and then she was able to cough it up. In my mind I was thinking about how far away the phone was to call 911. I was also wondering if she did pass out if I would be able to get a huge soft jell that was wedged in her throat out of her throat. That was all on the inside on the outside I was the manifestation of calm reassurance. I am a good nurse. When she did cough/barf it out we realized she was also having an allergic reaction to it! That poor  49 year old child's face was swollen, her capillaries broken and her throat was swelling internally. Benadryl to the rescue and cold compresses. I wanted her to stay home and recover but she went to work. I did have to take her more benadryl at work later that evening. That was a lot of excitement to begin the day. You just never know. I was so grateful for all those years of CPR training.

On Sunday we started in Genesis with my ladies Sunday school class. The modern term is life group.
I always think that the term life group needs the definition of Sunday school. Do people really know what life group is?

I am really excited about the study. I am learning so much that I just might write about some of it here, on my blog for you. There is nothing like starting at the beginning, especially if you haven't ever studied the story before or have just had a bit of religion crammed down your throat.
It's still the greatest story ever told.

I'm going to take Sammy to the vet tomorrow to check him out for all this panting that he does, and as I am typing this he is lying here next to me a damp dog from playing in the rain, breathing completely normally. This is a first. Maybe I just need to relax and give this dog time to recover.
He is really doing well from his little nose to his wiggly butt. He does wiggle his butt and he is so cute. Jennifer even has a hard time making him mind because he is so cute. He has got to be a puppy. They keep telling me they think he's about 1 1/2 or 2 but he acts like a puppy. Now that he doesn't stink he even has a bit of a puppy smell. I do hope he is FULL GROWN!!! Roman's jealous.

Sammy can walk right through our cast iron fencing. He was outside this morning playing in the rain. He loves water. It has been raining for days and we haven't been able to walk so I guess he had a ball. King Roman is sprawled across the bed sideways looking elegant. There is barely any room for me. I'll take that as a cue to quit rambling and start the day.
Your still here? Why bless you! Have any kind of day you want to have.


Kat said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Reading about you in the morning had me laughing out loud. Seriously. That is so like me. I am NOT a morning person. I relate to that so much. Too funny.

Choking on a horse pill sounds scary. That happened to be a couple of times in my life and now I'm still nervous when I take those big ones. Ugh. So glad she is ok. An allergic reaction too?? Good grief.

Your dogs are lovely. But strong. Hmmmm. What to do about that. I don't like choke collars either but I would rather have your dog wear a choke collar than drag you down the street, ya know?

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. You are so kind to me. And yes, Gracie is now my official cookie making assistant. She loves it. As do my boys. They love to help me in the kitchen. And we have some major cookie eaters so I am once again baking cookies ALL THE TIME. :)

Chris H said...

I'm so like you!
I love my house super tidy. Near impossible when other people live in it.
Our two dogs wake up every morning and do the run around and mouth, chew, growl, at each other for ages. It is the nost annoying noise!
SO, cos I'm not nice, I put the bark collar on Teddy and he stops before he even starts!

Get the choke collar for walking Roman, it won't hurt him once he's pulled on it a few times! You shouldn't be scared of walking him, that is not good.

I am crabby in the morning if my kitchen is a mess too! Usually it's Steve (son) who's left a mess. Grrrr.

Your laundy is not THAT untidy!

OMG your poor daughter! I am so thankful you are a nurse and could help her.

And my day is great! It's not raining for a change.

2 kilos = 4.4 pounds... SADLY.

Heather said...

Oh how scarey about your daughter so glad she is ok!! and ugh I hear ya about the dogs...bear has started shedding terrible and even though we comb him outside everyday there is still hair everywhere and I have a sinking suspicion that is triggering my migraines. I am in over my head as well hehehe....and I know all about the rest of the antics of having two dogs...the same thing is going on here. Have a great day love Heather

Kathy said...

Ramble away, I enjoy your rambles since that's what it's like in my own cranium. I choked on a fish bone in a restaurant once, it is very scary, I dislodged it myself the same way Jennifer did {after I ran to the restroom because I didn't want to barf on the table...} could you do an emergency tracheotomy if you had to? I wish you could work with a trainer with the dogs. My muttly crew are outside farm dogs and wrestle like nut-cases outside, annoying but allowed. Our no exception rule here is that we expect indoor behavior at all times while indoors. Any rough housing indoors means "out you go". They know it and accept it. It is also not hard to train a dog not to ever pull on the leash, but it has to be the no exceptions allowed rule, "on-leash = no pulling". Even with the most harsh collar ever invented, they will keep pulling if allowed. There are hundreds of different methods to train. It just takes time, knowledge, and everyone's cooperation. Good luck. My dogs are laying next to me right now and I need some febreeze desperately. I am a cheerful in the morning person, I love early mornings, but messes or grumpy people or ice on the buckets can grump me up in a hurry. So I guess I am saying that I am only cheerful if everything is going my way...... ;-) I need a good Bible Study. OK my ramble finished.

♥ my diary♥ said...

Nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you...