Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Favor of the Lord.

I'm awake really early like 5:30am. We have a guest in the middle of construction who doesn't like cat bed mates so it fell to me. I had to get up and let them out. I don't know about you but usually once I'm up that is it. I woke up with a song,

Jesus in your name we pray come and fill our hearts today, and glorify your name.
Your name is a strong and mighty tower,
Your name let the angels sing it louder,
for nothing has the power to save, but you Jesus.

Reflection is good for the soul. I had a life changing experience when I was 30 years old. My life was in shambles and I had a reckoning with God. It is so amazing that when you just acknowledge that Jesus is there and alive, that what He did for us is enough, and say yes; that in that instant you truly are reborn. It is amazing, awesome.

Over 23 years I have heard a lot of stories about the favor of God. I have heard about miraculous provisions and seen healing. I know that God is real because I talk to Him every day. I'm actually not crazy enough to be talking to myself yet.

Over the past 6 weeks of being home we have seen the favor of the Lord rest upon us. We have experienced miraculous provisions. God has indeed brought money out of thin air for us. We have had checks come in from unexpected sources and we are not behind at all. All my fears and worries were for nothing. My confidence has grown. The future is not so scary now, it is still unknown but it will be alright. My God is an awesome God.

The next step. This morning I go see the doctor about my feet. I have been walking for 3 days without any supports, no braces or crutches. Crutches drive this person crazy fast. I hope my doc is in the mood to talk because I need to make some decisions about work. My manager has been so good to me. I want to try and go back, but can I? It doesn't seem possible.

My God is a way maker. He has a plan. This morning with a song in my heart I am willing to lean on Him and trust that He will show me which way to go and what to do. It is a good thing to have your heart in the right place.

Which reminds me of a book I just finished, recommended by Debbie at Wisteria & Roses who always picks a good read, "Heart in the Right Place," by Carolyn Jourdan. A wonderful true tale of a woman who finds her place through adverse circumstances, and she finds joy. It's funny and inspirational and you all need to read it. You will laugh and cry and those are the best kind of books. No dark and depressing books on my list.

Currently I am reading "Wesley the Owl," by Stacy O'Brien. Amazing tale of a woman biologist who keeps a baby barn owl and all of his antics. I can see my granddaughters doing jobs like hers. If they could stick it out and get biology degrees they both would have a blast studying animal behaviors. One of her points is how long it takes science to catch up with what we know; that animals are individuals and they have feelings. Although she approaches her study from evolution which is different from me. I think the more people study the closer they have to move to intelligent design. It takes a lot of faith to think that order comes from chaos.

We know that because God created everything and it was good. Our job is to care for animals and the Earth as good stewards, not exploiting them for profits or abusing them. We are to care for all the creatures with a kind hand and a clean heart. They are part of the joy, they are our responsibility.

If you are still reading then my hat is tipped to you because this is an early morning ramble if ever I saw one! I haven't even finished my cup of coffee. We have been hard at work tearing up the house. It's coming back together but is still a GIGANTIC mess. The garden is producing also at gigantic rates now. I am busy and not posting as often because there is so much to do. It's funny how during the day as I am fluttering around trying to accomplish something on these tasks, I think about ya'll, wonder how your day is, and say a prayer.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Your "ramblings" as you call them are full of spitit and soul.

Best to you at the doc's today!

MaBunny said...

That is a beautiful song to have woken up with in your head! Hope you have a great day:))

Mental P Mama said...

What an inspiration! Wonderful;)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I wake up to what I call, "Morning Songs" frequently and they always have a message for me. I so applaud your faith and courage. I hope the doctor has good news for you.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Praise be to God:-)

Unknown said...

When He's by your side, you day can only be wonderful.

joanne said...

KD, you made my day with that post..;p

Becky said...

The book(s) sounds great... at that time in the morning I would definitely be able to go back to sleep.

I would love to be in animal rehabilitater. My kids would love it.

Baby steps... :-D

Thanks for the prayers.

Anonymous said...

I should read this post every morning!~

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love this post. Love the inspiration and the rambling.
It is from the heart.