Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Flies.

This little guy is about the same age as our new grandson. We haven't been able to see him and hold him yet. We can kind of imagine how it might be if we were there.

It would be so fun to watch the little guy hold his head up. This little boy likes to know what is going on. His personality is already showing up. He is seriously checking out this old guy holding him, "Who are you?"

He prefers to be upright and not on his back. Pa can't help but cradle his little head because he is just a little infant. This boy will show you what he's made of if you let him. He wants up. His dad has got it figured out.

We were there to celebrate a birthday, his daddy's. This is the present I gave him. All from our garden.

It made a lovely centerpiece, if I don't say so myself.

Of course a fresh loaf of bread. The birthday man thought it was a good present.

You can't say "Birthday boy" with a forest fire on your cake. Only a mom would put that many candles on a cake and say BLOW!

Seriously he could have an attack. Or catch the table on fire. Where is their fire extinguisher? It made me nervous. I am getting old now, I saw danger. She had some of those candles that don't blow out, they spark. We had to take them out and put them in the sink and put water on them. I was very relieved when we didn't catch the house on fire and all the candles were out,

so was the birthday boy, he went to bed. Putting that fire out would exhaust anyone of that age. I hope that everyone forgets my birthday this year, I have 10 more candles than he does. My house would surely burn to the ground.

Happy Birthday buddy.


Angela said...

Be still my heart..oh my goodness,,I want to enhale that precious wee one right through the screen..I LOVE the smell of a sweet little one!!

What a loving mil you are!! I also loved that cross sculpture that was sitting behind him..oh my!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love it when people actually put all the candles on the cake. It's a great representation of time!

That bread in your last post looked amazing. Wish you lived close you send some my way:)

Flea said...

What fun! And what a good mama you are!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I love the forest fire cake. Everyone should have one. The more candles, the more cake. It works for me.

Chris H said...

- what a dear wee baby boy.
- Amazing birthday present.
- It's a wonder the cake didn't melt under all those candles!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

that little guy looks to be about bradleys age... they are just prefection at this age...i get my boy this morning... have not had him since saturday night OH MY... what a cake... and i am thinking fire hazard would occour on a cake for me too... i prefer the ones that are numbers... and they can put my numbers backwards and suit me just fine!

noble pig said...

That was a wonderful present! I'm inviting you to my Birthday!

Karen said...

I have to wonder if the frosting melted all over the table from those candles.

Anonymous said...

I'm. So. Jealous.


Unknown said...

That is the most beautiful present ever. Outstanding :)

Elysa said...

Awww-w-w-www! T & A's baby! This is the first time I've seen pics. Thanks for posting them. :)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a wonderful celebration, looked the center of attention - what a cutie:-).
I agree with all the candles, seemed wise of you, to be guarded onto the possible danger. Next year, take a fire extinguisher.