Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving Thanks

You might not believe this but I am a very negative person. I have to work at having a positive attitude.
I have been accused of waking up like Atilla the Hun. When my sweet daughter approaches me with an idea I have a million reasons to poo-poo it. She has a tough job dealing with me. I feel sorry for her. I want to be different. I want to change. I know that when I offer God a willing spirit to be changed that He will do it.

I have been blogging for a long time and have never used any routine. I am about to make a change on that. I have been talking to you about this book that I'm reading. if you can call it reading I'm sucking that book up.  I'm inhaling it rapidly and will go back for a second read nice and slow to savor it.

I'm more thirsty than I knew.

I needed a message of HOPE.

Hope that has the power to change when the circumstances may or may not.

The power of gratitude.

The PRACTICE of gratitude.

And what the very simple act of making a list can do.
Today, take the dare. Regardless of your beliefs, religion, or no religion. This will work for everyone.

Begin to make a list in a journal of what you are thankful for. You can make your words pretty. They can be phrases, complete sentences, or not. For me they can be run-on sentences because I am always guilty of those or not. Just begin.

1. good deep sleep last night.
2. family all here safe.
3. my home is not in splinters.
4. God's arm is not too short to save.
5. I can pray for Japan-for those suffering and I know first hand the horror of earthquakes.
6. I MOPPED my own floor myself.
7. my dog loves me.
8. there is HoPe.
9. my daughter forgives
10. spring is just outside the open window.

ok. Your turn copy the button and give thanks.

If you are able, give to the organization of your choice to help the people of Japan. An earthquake of this magnitude is catastrophic. These people are suffering beyond our ability to comprehend. My earthquake experience was a 6.2 and the aftershocks were as bad as the quake. My nerves were in shambles but my house was still standing. The inside was a mess of broken glass and furniture tossed about like pillows, but the house was intact. My daughter and her firstborn baby were safe. None of us had been washed away by a tsunami. A quake of 9 is beyond anything I can even imagine. The earth must have bolted straight up.
We watched our streets roll like waves of water crumbling. Buildings falling down and turning to dust. The Richter scale increases by logarithmic intensity. It's not counting it's multiplication.

When the Earth itself forces her crusts and waves to move, the people and all their doings become like little ants. Little anthills destroyed. We become aware of how small we are. How vulnerable we are and we are humbled. We who are not in destruction must reach out with what we can to help those who have been humbled, with hope.


Bluebird49 said...

I hope you didn't hurt yourself mopping, dear KD!

I wrote down my 10 things, and I'll try and do it everyday. I have so many things to be thankful for--why don't I think of it that way?!

Michelle said...

A great post Karen and glad to hear you are up and mopping! Don't get too carried away!

Kat said...

I think we can all be negative people. It takes work to be positive all the time. It is a conscious effort, and you are doing well. A great list!

My heart hurts for all those in Japan. I can not imagine.

Jeanie said...

I like your journal of things to me thankful for, especially the parts that focus on this day. I try to think about the good that each day has given me.
I agree that the people of Japan are suffering beyond our ability to comprehend and I appreciate your encouragement to help in whatever way we can.

Kathy said...

Atilla the Hun! And all this time I have been thinking of you as such a sweetie!

Karen Deborah said...

ha ha fooled you! The mopping did not hurt me and I enjoyed it. I know I am weird. We all get bogged down with our grudgery, but when you CAN'T mop it becomes something you want to do.