Thursday, January 5, 2012


 My friend took these out in the yard. I didn't realize my spare tire showed that bad. I also didn't know I was having a bad hair day.
 BUT these are so you can see the dogs.
 How big they are
 and somebodys cute tail  that wasn't docked.
 ah ain't he a wittle cutie?
 look whose jealous. Pick me up too!
 In your dreams big guy.
I'm on a diet a lifestyle change.  It about goals and reaching them right?


Karen said...

Several things. First of all, I was just thinking, "wow, she looks FAB!" when I read about your spare tire. Please, girl. You look FAB.

Second, that little man of yours isn't so little anymore! He's nearly as big as mama!

And third - what a cutie his little brother is!

Chris H said...

I think you look LOVELY!
So do both dogs. Roman sure is HUGE now!
Sammy: is he fully grown yet? Or is he a smaller version of Roman?

Michelle said...

Karen, you look great! Can't believe how big Roman is! He is huge!

farmlady said...

Fot get the "spare tire" and the not so perfect hair. You look happy and so do the dogs.
Great photos.
It's a whole new year ahead. We can do anything... set any goals. Life will continue to reak it's havoc or give us blessings. We will try and fail and try again. That's what life is all about.
Happiness to you and your family.

joanne said...

that farmlady always leaves the best comments! She is right look happy and happy transleates to beautiful anytime. I'm so glad this wasn't a photo blog about poop today!

Kat said...

I just finished reading your last three posts! I'm so excited for you and your new family member! What a sweetie! And eventually I think Roman will like having a buddy around.
I think all the pooping will slow down once Sammy gets used to eating food on a regular basis. If he was so starved I think his body was probably just shocked with all the food, ya know?
And thank you for not posting photos of all the poo. ;)

Eileen said...

Most importantly, you are able to pick up the doog without being taken to the ER. You have healed! Cute dogs cute owner!

Little Military Wife said...

Oh my lord they are beautiful!!! I have always wanted a standard or even a medium poodle but I already have 3 dogs lol. If I ever make it up to mississippi to see yall I will have to bring Gizmo my little shih poo for you to see! He may be only half poodle but hes leggy like one and smart as a whip!

Heather said...

Great pictures!! I would love to put Roman and Lucy side by side and see the size difference?? Sammy is so cute ....and Roman jumping up is so funny Lucy does that also hehehe....funny how they can get jealous lol!! I hope all is going well thanks for sharing the pictures. It was nice to see some pics of you also :) ~Enjoy your new friend Love Heather

Bluebird49 said...

Look at you--you look GREAT! You look happy--and I think of how things were last year this time for you--and for me. Life changes--and we change along with it--we may not like all the changes, but they come anyway! ;)