Thursday, July 30, 2009

When the cleaning is done- BAKE!

This is a little glimpse of an apron from "at home with the farmers wife" I was trying to take my own picture and my arms are too short. But you can see the details in the bib. Suzanne makes lovely aprons, out of recycled mens shirts and vintage fabrics. She even makes her own custom bias tape, very nice. I felt very elegant grinding grain and baking today.

The cupboards have been washed and tidied. This one was full of canned goods before.

I had everything crammed down here now we are all spread out nicely, it's so much easier to get to the things I need to use. Kayla helped a lot she did the scrubbing.

I took my cupboard doors off to see how I would like that farmhouse look. The idea is to recycle them into the laundry room. Hunny makes cabinets but not door fronts and they are expensive. I'm trying it out for a bit, what do you think? Look how clutter free everything is. I am beside myself.

It's been raining every day. I haven't taken a picture of the garden in awhile but here is some of the okra, and some apples. The apples are from Krogers, no false advertising here.

Today I did one of those things I do well. I baked. I made a batch of regular wheat bread. I also filled up my bin with the artisan dough to let it start getting sour.

As long as all this dough is happening might as well make some pizzas for dinner.

I actually managed to get the crust on this one thin and crispy. Pepperoni is a favorite here.

This one is pesto and sundried tomato as well as some fresh sliced tomatoes. It tasted sweet because the tomatoes are so ripe. Hunny and Kayla liked the pepperoni the best. Good more of this one for me.

The living room is back to normal. Wow. It's been weeks of work. Good things that you work hard for are so satisfiying. My kitchen is getting happier every day. It was so much easier to work in today. I had plenty of free counter top to work on, and it was easy to get at pans and racks. I was grinning like the cheshire cat.

The rescue that has Riley won't adopt out of state. I understand there concerns but isn't the whole point to get these dogs good homes? They are a bit over the top with their wanting to come and inspect your house and also they want you to cook for the dogs all organic food.
Actually I really don't care what they want. I want to give that adorable dog a home. He can sleep on my bed and that's as good as it gets.

I didn't mention it to the hunny until after I found out from them. He never had that moment of elevated blood pressure, except for the painting he is doing today. He hates painting. I used to do all of our painting every bit of it until I found out that he CAN paint. He just doesn't like to paint. Guess what? I don't do all the painting anymore.

Anybody for some pizza?


Heidi said...

PIZZA FOR ME PIZZA FOR ME!!! PLEASE!!! i want to come and visit you!! I want to come a stay for a week to cook with you, sew with you and just be cozy!!!! Can you believe its Milk Dud's birthday today??? 1 YEAR OLD!!! I wore my apron the other day *wink wink nudge nudge* so in another year, ya just never know!! LOL LOVE YOU!!!!

Flea said...

I love the new cupboard look. Very farmhouse. LOVE the linings on every surface. If I weren't such a clutter bug I'd try it.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. The pizza looks fantastic : ) I love it!

Organic dog food that you cook yourself? WHAT IN THE WORLD? : )

Sometimes those animal stray rescue people are a little crazy!

Tracy said...

You've been busy! The kitchen looks so good. Why don't you come on by and do mine???

It's been to hot to bake here and I miss it. I just hate buying bread at the store. I make pizza dough too. I like to make my own frozen pizzas. On a busy night, we just pop one in the oven. At least I know what's in/on it! So good.

Chris H said...

I would say send me some of that delicious looking pizza... but I just KNOW it won't be hot (or edible!) by the time it got here! *sob*

Kathy said...

Kayla can come scrub my cupboards with me anytime! Things are a sticky mess here with little hands and fingers on everything all summer.
I love the open cupboard look.
Dog rescues can be rather crazy. My dogs love to eat organic stuff all the time; horse poop, but I don't cook it for them of course, so the rescue folks wouldn't approve. I've seen them gulp down gophers and lizards too, pure organic pet meals here.

Unknown said...

Did someone say pizza??

Your organization skills are perfect.

farmlady said...

You and your hubby have been a busy. What a burst of energy you had. Everything looks great!
I'm going to the kitchen and picking out a few things to take to our local thrift shop, then I'm going to bake something. I'm so inspired.

I think I would leave the doors on. I don't seem to be able to make things as organized as you. Your's look really nice inside.

What's with these dog rescues? Getting a bit picky. My dogs eat the best kibble without corn,( a recommendation from the vet), but all organic is a bit much. Mine are into gophers and alternative poop too, like one of your commentor's said. That's as organic as it gets here on the farm. Hasn't hurt them yet.

Big Hair Envy said...

I hope you saved a slice of pizza for me!! Thanks!

It seems that I am now suffering from Clean-Counter-&-Cabinet Envy!! Great job!

noble pig said...

I love the open doors look, it so much easier to grab everything.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! ME! ME! ME! I want a slice of the sundried tomato kind.

Oh my gosh, I want to come live with you. Forever. And. Ever.

WudWerkr said...

the homemade pizza is always best . as for the dog , this is a good example of people who go overboard about pets . yes he is adorable and yes we have animals and treat them well , but they are PETS not children. Cook all organic food? sheesh they will demand all that , and the whole time hes living in a cage no doubt .

Michelle said...

I think your cabinets look GREAT without the doors on. Love the look and everything looks so clean and organized!

As for the dog. Well...I agree with Coffee Man. I own five dogs on my farm. They eat regular dog food, receive plenty of love and excercise and live a good life. They are my PETS not my CHILDREN! I still hope you will find another one!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Man pizza must be on the menu today. You are second one in a row making homemade pizza-yummy!!!

Have a great weekend.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I love homemade pizza too! That's all we eat around here. And the open cupboard doors are perfect since you are so organized and clean. Your house is really coming together--I love it.

It sounds like dog rescues have gone the way of the current administration--looney. Sheesh.

(I don't blame your husband--I hate painting too LOL)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Your kitchen should be in a magazine. The farmhouse look is great. The bread and pizza look fantastic. I'm glad somoene has ambition.