Thursday, August 6, 2009

Somethings Cooking

Have you ever seen fresh picked pinto beans? The aroma from my kitchen today is mouthwatering. We stopped at the Farmers Market and I bought more than I should have. Everything looked so luscious.

I had saved a ham bone from a large ham and it is going to turn these beans into something so fine! Cornbread is coming and fresh sliced cantaloupe. Maybe even some sliced cucumber and tomatoes. What a feast!

We have had a ton of rain. It has felt like we were in Florida around her with a daily thunder shower. All this rain makes the grass grow thick and green. It made a mess of the garden can't get in there and pick anything because we'd sink a foot deep into the mud.

However some things are perched for easy pickins.

Something that is the best tasting, sweetest crispiest, most delicious ever! I thought home grown tomatoes were good! This is incredible!

Gourds and squash taking over and trying to survive the heat and the rain.

This is okra. Okra makes the prettiest flowers and it is a heavy producer. It is also about 6 ft tall right now and no end in sight. I guess it will topple over.

A close up of this fat round watermelon that was sweet all the way to the rind. Haven't tasted one this good since I was a child in Texas. Come over and have some.

This is one magnificent specimen of a garden spider. I wonder how old it is? We sure have plenty of bugs to keep it healthy. I'm not a spider fan but my brain overrides my emotions when it comes to beneficial insects. It is a pretty cool looking spider don't you think? It's huge. If I would've put my hand up there you could gauge the size to be about the same as the palm of my hand, but no you will just have to take my word on that.

What's cooking at your house?


Flea said...

Those pintos make my mouth water! Yum! The spider, though? Not so much. Looks kinda like the banana spiders that freak me out.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh so not a bean person...sorry:)

Love the watermelon though.

I made meatloaf for dinner last night. First time I've cooked in a while. It was so yummy.

Karen said...

Yum, soup. I had a candy bar for dinner. I think you made the better choice.

joanne said...

I was all set to come on over...until the spidey that is!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Yumm-a-licious post! Today I cooked NOTHING!!! We ate leftovers including some of Karey's scrumptious pinto beans. (That pressure cooker is amazing!)

That watermelon has my mouth a-waterin'! I'm off to the kitchen for a snack! ; D

Mental P Mama said...

What time should I be there? I'm not even afraid of garden spiders. I like their zigzaggy designs;)

WudWerkr said...

pinto beans ham and cornbread ohhhhhhhhh maaaaaannn

can i come live there pleaaaase

candle lady wont make me cornbread seeeeeee how deprived i am


Twisted Fencepost said...

No I haven't seen fresh picked pintos before. But I have eaten my share of them.
Looks like your garden is flourishing with all that rain. It's a shame the weeds do too.
I think that spider is called a banana spider. They do get huge.

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks like paradise to me! And that watermelon... YUM!!!