Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ultimate Give Away

Sheepskin boots

Do you know what UGG boots are? I do. I am a hopeless UGG junkie. I don't care if they look ugly. I think they are beeee yoouuuuteeeful. My feet love them.

UGG is giving a pair of boots to anyone in the country anywhere once a month. All you have to do is post about it on your blog and let them know and you are entered. I have 2 pairs in my closet but they are the best new, when they are soft and fluffy inside. My favorite color was white but they only did those for a short period of time. I have a pink pair and a blue pair because they were on clearance.

So what are you waiting for? Go enter. And just to avoid confusion, it's not me that is giving away a pair of these boots it's UGG.

We are having our first days of FALL perfect weather outside! PERFECT! So winning a pair of these will be just in time for the cold that is coming in a few months. Time is flying again.


joanne said...

time is flying and it's going first class...I'm not ready for fall yet.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

UGG boots? Not for me! I pull out a pair of socks when it dips below freezing around here; other than that I run hot all the time. Clogs without socks in the snow? Works for me!

(I'm also notoriously UNlucky in lotteries . . . but not love.)
; D

Hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen... you make me laugh.