Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Loose Ends

I have been busy. I worked a lot last week to put something in the account before we leave town for most of June. Working of course is an endless supply of stories.
Women, have your men put plywood in the attic before they walk around up there.
I met an unfortunate fella that was working in his attic when he fell through and straddled a joist. It wasn't until he tried to go to the bathroom that he realized how hurt he was, blood everywhere and couldn't pee. As he told me what happened I was more than sympathetic. For a guy, this has to be the ultimate injury.
I teased him a little when he said he went to the ER. "Yep, now that is a REAL emergency, do not wait in the lobby, go directly to the back, and pay at least
$200." He laughed, "That's right." If I have any gift it's to help people to laugh when they are in deep weeds. It helps them get better.
One night was insane nuts, a flat run for 9 and 1/2 hours, I opened my charts at 10:45 and that is, in plain English, not good. The good news is, God is on His throne and it really is rare to have two nights in a row that bad. The next night was relatively quiet; I was able to get my work done on time and actually visit with people a bit. That is when I love being a nurse. I love to talk to people and ask them about their lives and how they got to where they are now, what brought them to the hospital. I had a ball with one more than middle aged couple. She needed some "panties" to hold a lovely hospital kotex on with. We joked a little about the garter belts,...umm and then I told her we could supply her with fishnet panties. She and her husband howled. He thought it sounded interesting. I told him,"Nope, this is absolutely nothing to get excited about." These peri panties come up wadded in a little ball that would fit in your hand. when you unroll them they look like half of a sleeve. My patient started howling when I showed them to her. "How will I ever get these on?" "You?, your not even big, they STRETCH", and I demonstrated how they would stretch into this net with 2 holes in it where your feet are supposed to go. More laughter. I then told them if they saw some outrageous fee for these things to call and protest. Tell them the peri panties should be complimentary, all 25 cents worth of netting.
Some nights are fun, really why do you think I still go back after all these years? Hopelessly hooked.

The other items on the agenda have been building transcripts and college prep. We have a meeting in 30 minutes at the local JC. We have to start there, to late for financial aide this year. Unless $15,000 just miraculously falls from the sky. Not too likely. But I will be on this like a hound dog on a hunt. That Christian College would be perfect for Heather. Tigger has been acing her marine biology tests, do I have a future scientist on my hands?

On the dog front, a woman is interested in her that lives in this state, within driving distance. She has a beautiful male. She is offering a pet home first, and then a couple of litters. That was what I wanted to do. She has two boys not to small. The catch is, she doesn't have money, she would like to trade puppies or work something out. It sounds like a good situation for the dog. It gives me time to get the college thing going, and still have a dog in the future. It makes perfect sense, but I feel like I'm ripping out a gut. I hate these grown up decisions. I've asked her if she would like to have Lu at her house while we are on vacation to see if they all connect. The trick will be to keep the dogs apart if she should come into heat for the first time. That could be a hassle.

I'm not sure if I'll blog on my vacation. Maybe a little. It's going to be the acid test of addiction. The computer, or the beach? I kinda think the beach will win, but then ya'll have your winnin ways. I'll look for a little beachie souvenir to give away when I come home. To go along with a challenging contest of some sort. I'll dream up something enjoying the sun and the sand.

OK ps, If ya'll want to win the stretchy fishnet hospital panties i'll see what I can do! Noble Pig can get all she could ever dream of from the Wild Boar, he is after all in that line of work. A couple of years ago those mavvvveeelous belts were still available too. Not to mention your jumbo size peri pads, should we have a feminine hygiene give away?


Anonymous said...

That poor man! Geez!

Enjoy the beach, it sounds wonderful!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Oh come on! You are going to buy some cheesy souvenir thingy at the beach for your contest prize when you have those COOL fishnet panties that you could be offering to us? Sheesh.

Karen Deborah said...

ok I'm dying maybe I'll pilfer a pair! ROFLOL

Flea said...

So glad to hear you love your work! I'm getting my first taste of life on your side of the hospital bed. At least training to work there. Extremely cool.

Kathy said...

Nurses are great! We have great memories of the nurses in the VA Hospital when Jerry had his by-pass. I will love to hear more nursing stories!
A vacation!!! Hurray for you.
My 1 cent worth, Someone with 'no money' may not be able to care for Lu adequately. You know of course... food, heart worm preventative, flea products, vaccines, Unplanned medical stuff. And I have found that if someone pays what they consider 'good money' for a pet, it has greater percieved value and is well taken care of. Generally speaking.... I worry about puppy mills, back yard breeders who don't really care about the pet. OK I know, enough already. I know you will chose wisely, just wanted to remind you.
AND, the money will come.....

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I would take a lap top and at times I bet I would get on it even at the beach... but I alsop bet it would not be often LOL
I think I have a pair or two of those lovely fish nets from when I had cory and martha ACK... I hated those...You are gonna be gone all month??? Have mercy I will be in withdrawel from you blogging...
But, Have a wonderful time!
HUgs Laura