Friday, June 20, 2008

Thunder and Lightening

Every day here there is a thunder shower. The rumblings are happening right on schedule. We are having other storms as well. Old dragons are raising their ugly heads, demanding to be fed their own way. Grown children repeatedly put on the altar of demonic sacrifice. What is she talking about, you ask?
How is it that in my fifties, my father's wife still needs to create a scenario where he chooses her over us? We have so little contact with him and yet her dragons demand that she stir up fire every time. It amazes me that I can still be hurt.
But then, their are our children to stear clear of these unhealthy choices.

My brothers kids have been throwing their guts up with some kind of stomach bug and my husband is still mashing these horrible red bugs out of my feet. I have thought about going to the vet for a flea dip, for me. Speaking of vets Kathy has been missing in action for awhile. I hope she is alright! Funny how attached a person can get to these bloggy buddies, I mean really we don't even know each other; or do we?

Sometimes it seems that what I wouldn't talk about, I will write about. That my thoughts are on the world wide web doesn't really ever cross my mind. Only those who want to read it will. Those favorites that I like to read too, and share fun, food, and sometimes sorrows with. It is a human connection in a technological age. I think sometimes our bloggin has replaced neighborhood girlfriends. My mom used to drink coffee with her neighbors, the women always congregated at somebodies house for a little daily wit, and sharing. Sometimes they cried, mostly they laughed, some next door neighbors became friends for life. It was a way to connect.

Nobody seems to know their neighbors anymore. They certainly don't come over during the afternoon for coffee or tea. But that's what we do. Each of us looks forward to the little comment, the new article on one of our favorite blog sites. I know that there is a good chance I will giggle at Coffee Beans and salivate at Noble Pigs, and learn something about kids from Brenda's Life with RAD. The Ladies of the House in Alaska posts the most fabolus picchas of natural beauty that even tiny 2x2 sizes are stirring and she is a great cook. Peach just shares her heart in it's many ages and stages, with her own unique voice. Everybody just wants to go see Kathy, her place is so cool. The Pioneer Woman doesn't write back but she is irresistibly fun. Each one has something different to bring, and we share. It meets some kind of need to gather that lies deep in the heart of women, that our cultures pace has set aside, and we have rediscovered. Today amidst the storms, what is comforting to me is you. I know that tomorrow will be better, life will go on, and I will BLOG!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Weather and families change by the moment. Go figure! I'm remembering our delightful time together and reminding you we don't pick our families. : ) Keep smiling despite the itching and other stuff. Go crack open a coconut and think of all of us thinking about you. You're loved!

Susiewearsthepants said...

I can't say very much, but I can tell you that I have been in a similar situation, and it bites. Really bites. Thankfully my dad has put his foot down after years of these manipulations, and his wife has calmed down considerably. I am sorry you have to go through that. Don't you just HATE chiggers. I am kind of freckly, so when I go outside and the nasty little pests jump on me, they blend in. I hate them, hate them. Oh sorry. Anyway that's my ramble for the day. I hope your situation improves with your family. I will say a little prayer.

Brenda said...

I have coffee with you every morning. I have my mug next to my computer while I talk to you neighbor.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

me have coffee with you too!
I have aquired a new modem, wireless router, and card for the lap top... just defragmented the lap top... and got rid of are 100% correct on the sharing of our lives and BOY OH BOY my step mom ... you sure nailed it on the head... god forbid dad tried to go outside and speak to one of us with out her right there... telling him to get inside and watch a ball game... makes me ill! sigh...
HUGS and Have a blast and owie on the chiggars... hate em!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the family issues, some people never learn do they, it'a shame.

And yes it's strange how we feel so connected to people we don't even know. Things happen and I think hey so and so would like this or that and I don't even know them!

MaBunny said...

Yes, Chris has commented I have a whole new group of friends that he has never met! He says he has to stop and think sometimes whos blog I'm referring too when I am relaying a funny comment or story:))
As for the family part, some never change, and sometimes they get worse, and then sometimes you gotta just say go away, leave me alone! ( I've lost almost all contact with my cousin and I feel better for it!)--long story there that I might share soemother time.
Hope the no see-ums leave u alone, and hope that your brother doean't show up at your hosue and spread the barfiness

Kathy said...

Hi! I'm here this morning, dear blogger buddy. Your words are sweet. Yes, I too feel like I have new friends I haven't met 'yet'.
Re- missing in action. All is well here, I am working out of town, a hectic schedule and limited time.
I will probably have time for some computer time next week.
Sorry you have to weather the storms. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Hey, I am so sorry to hear about the family issues during your vacation and visit. My husband's aunt is like that and calling her a dragon would be a compliment compared to how she can really be.

I agree that blogging friends are a lot like what our moms and grandmas had in their neighbors and communities way back when. Sometimes I wish so much it was still that way! I just know you and I would get along smashingly over the backyard fence :-D

BTW--I went and got myself a crochet book for dummies at the library, braved the downtown tourist mobs and got myself a crochet hook and some of that there yarn. Woo hoo--Ima gonna make me an afghan!