Friday, August 7, 2009

Treasured Gifts

My birthday was last month and as always my English Auntie had big surprises for me.
When the package comes I know it is going to be special, because she always makes it herself, or it is some heirloom treasure she has saved. My heart will beat a bit faster with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. I love that feeling of expectant glee.

Ooooo and the first thing is this beautiful hand made piece of linen with it's story written out in a note. It was made by a stout lady from England who lived with them, she had dark finger waved hair.

The little red pillow is needlepoint that she made and it is sitting next to the pillow she gave me last year which is also a treasure. That won't be it's final spot, it is a good photo op, two for one.

Which led me to the idea to post a hall of fame to Auntie. And show you some of her artwork. This little painting is a 10x13 very precious. Somehow she captured Kayla's essence in that child because even though you can't see her face the child in the painting is Kayla, the little stance, posture, hair is all her. The big newfie is an imaginary buddy, if he materialized he'd be right at home. All near a field of lavender be still my heart.

This painting is also a little 10x13 I love the smaller sizes because how many large paintings can you hang? This one is of our home with her little suggestions to the landscape and the color of the trim. That is a portrait of my beloved dog Rasmus. She does wonderful portraits of dogs and will do them from photos for a reasonable commission. If you want one let me know. I can ask her for you.

This is my large painting and it is wonderful. My Aunt has always loved the water, oceans, seas anything that blows fresh air and clean smells. I'm the one in the middle when I was a young woman or so she said.

She also has a fun sense of humor as evidenced by this pin dot picture. I have this one framed in the bathroom isn't it delightful and fun?

Another pin dot sent at Easter time. Beautiful details.

and a card that was cute not to frame and add to the hallway.

This years painting a tiny little one maybe 4x6 and absolutely precious! She said it took her one afternoon to make. I am so impressed. I am not sure that I have ever had that much creativity in a day, but then since I don't paint I can't help but be dazzled. The inspiration for this one was her own little girl. They say you can't chose your family which is true, but you can chose how much you love them and how much you bless them. I don't have to say to much more to let you know how special she is and how grateful I am that she loves me.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

What a sweet, sweet post -- just what I was looking for today. :D Thank you!

I remember seeing these treasures around your house. In fractured families it is so precious to have a few hands and hearts to knit firmly together. Your Auntie is such a blessing to you . . . a gift from God.

Sadie said...

Oh WOW!!! Those paintings are gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Your Auntie isn't just thoughtful, she's very talented too.

Flea said...

Oh dang. I thought the title said, "Treasured Grits". I was expecting a recipe. Your birthday gifts are lovely, though.

Michelle said...

How lovely that you have someone so talented that passes those things along to you!

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a sweet Aunt she is!
And talented too.

noble pig said...

Wow, this woman is talented. I love the dot art.

Jody Blue said...

How blessed you are! She is a very good artist!

Anonymous said...

It's official. I suck beyond all imagination. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Oy.