Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Say You?

We have ONE working computer in the house and it's a MAC. Seems to be a pretty good machine. Are any of you bloggers out there techies or married to techies that can recommend a good machine? I may jump ship and get a MAC. I know I don't want VISTA, or another HP ever in my life. Seems like most everything is pretty much a short term investment for big bucks. So speak up.
You know if you leave a comment with that "no reply" on your email I can't write you back. I like to write you back so if you want a comment to your comment put your e mail address in. ( Coffee MAN)
Other news. MY manager doesn't want me back in ICU, he thinks I am a good nurse just not a critical care nurse. Do I agree? --- YES! That is a God thing. I have applied for a transfer, so pray if you pray, and cross your fingers, knees and toes if you don't. I have to go back to work! There are a lot of really BIG bills on my desk, and computer breakdowns, and a kid going to college ( can we say $1,500) just for a JC? BUT my kid is sooooooo happy! She got her driving permit, yeah she is a late bloomer, she graduated, and she is going to college and her whole outlook on life is looking up!
I have not killed my husband. It's his birthday tomorrow and I swear that I will be nice. Even if he is being a total and complete jerk about getting a dog.

So that is it. What kind of computers do you all recommend?


Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

MAC all the way! You couldn't pay me to use anything but a MAC these days. I run my business with it, so I can't be arguing with my dumb computer everyday.

farmlady said...

I have a Dell with Windows and I can't complain. I rarely have any problems.., but I know that most people, if given a choice, would buy a Mac. Ask around and listen to the experts.
Be nice to your husband and wish him a happy birthday for me.

Becky said...

I am a PC all the way. Don't give up on them just yet. Windows 2010 is on the way and is much like XP. We have three PCs. A clunker of a gateway desk top. LOVE gateway. It is actually our second Gateway desktop. It is older and runs slow but oh so dependable. It has XP.

We have a refurbished gateway laptop. Can you tell we are loyal to what we like lol. It is always running. Never any problems. It has XP.

Our third was given to us. It is an Acer with Vista. I hated vista at first but now that I have been working with it for a while I don't mind it so much. The Acer machine is nice. It runs well and doesn't EVER get hot like other laptops have a tendency to do.

I am pretty much a lay person when it comes to computers. Above is everything I know except that I will never go MAC. Not exactly sure why but I just don't like their personality, if that makes sense.

I am a PC. I love our Gateways. I have never had ANY crashing or freezing problems that mac users joke about.

Hope all that rambling helped somehow. :-p

MaBunny said...

Not sure on the computer thing karen - my hubby and his cousin build ours, so there is NO telling what Im' typing on atm:)
good luck that you get transferred out of critical care - I could never do that. The critical care thing I mean - God bless those who can!

WudWerkr said...

I run my business with dells , I have 6 and use xp pro and have had excellent service and few if any glitches .

i have never had a mac but have always heard they were excellent

WudWerkr said...

email address is added to blog now

Twisted Fencepost said...

We have a Dell and two HP's.
And everytime I want my computer (Dell), I have to run someone off of it. Love my Dell, so far. It's the first one I've owned. Vista is on it, and it's not bad. Just a little different, but easy to get used to. I think.
I've heard Mac is top of the line, but I've never used one. Can't help you there.

Government Funded Blogger said...

We own a win98 ( still like it ) an WinXP ( next in likability ) Vista home premium (no like much) Mac laptop with Panther OS (like it a lot). I would recommend a Mac and going from Windows to the latest Mac OS isn't a steep learning curve.

Mental P Mama said...

I switched to a Mac last year. And I've never looked back! Do it!

Farmgirl Paints said...

We just got a Dell. My husband's work place is going bankrupt and they were selling all of their equipment dirt we got two computers for $150 total!! They are great so far, no complaints.

My honey wasn't on board with getting a dog either after our last one died. I just continued to pester and cry and eventually he gave in;) He loves her so much.

noble pig said...

PC all the way. The new Windows that is coming out is supposed to be the best ever, no more Vista.

Karey Swan said...

Karen thanks for your encouraging comment to me.

I'm a Mac person as are my boys. Monte would be too if the business world wasn't primarily PC. Artists prefer Macs, but the gap between Macs and PCs is narrowing, especially with universal software's like Adobe.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I am so clueless, really, about computers--except that I have to have them for both work and (as you can see) play. I hate computer problems--especially when you don't need another cash outlay!

Why is your H being a jerk about a dog? Must have a dog...I have TWO.

I love it that you want to connect--here is our e mail I'll be back! C

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jimmy!!!

I got my laptop out today and hoped that a miracle had happened. Nope. Oy.