Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cats-By Tigger

Tigger is getting into this. Being the adoring Grandmother that I am, she is writing this post. The cat on your left is the infamous Kiwi-iwi. the cat to the right is her adorable son Puffins. This story is by my adorable grand girl, don't let her fool you she's crazy about these cats. Does she say something about moving out? Does she not know she will pack them up and take them with her?

If someone asked me what I thought about cats I'd tell them to not buy one unless they plan to vacuum and dust their house every day. I didn't always think that way, in fact you could have said I use to be a real "Cat-Hugger". So what happened? Fur, that's what happened, horrible masses of fur. I became sick of having cat hair get shot up my nostrils every time I sniffed the fresh air, and waking up in the morning to pluck cat hairs off of my tongue. Don't get me wrong cats are soft, cute, and affectionate little balls of life that tickle your insides when they sit on you to purr. However I have three cats. Not one, or two, but three cats who shed like beasts every other week. My cat Kiwi( or Big Mama) is the worst at shedding. Every time I vacuum Nannie's brown velvet couch my loving cat waits until I'm finished and then hops on to shed a fat mound of fur all over! If I spank her Kiwi only hops back on to shed some more, and the only solution my Grandma can think up is "vacuum it again". Give me a break, I'm not going to vacuum a couch every time that cat sheds on it! Now my calico cat Cali( or Cali Baby) just sheds in one particular spot which is our glass table that sits in the living room, and she only sheds on there after eating. So Cali doesn't really bother me with shedding, but she does give me love bites on my chin when I go to bed WHICH REALLY HURTS. Finally there's Puff Puff. Oh, he can give you that poor pitiful, and googly-eyed look when you catch him red-handed in mischief. Puff Puff is the only cat I've ever known to just shed everywhere because he thinks he's so special. When I go to bed he sits down on my chest with his ahem, "rump" facing towards me and purrs! So now you know why I'm not obsessed with cats anymore. I love them, but I'm not excited with their gifts. Will I ever have a cat when I move out? I don't know, because my Grandpa has lead me to believe that the only sanitary pet in this world is a gold fish.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ever cleaned a gold-fish bowl? Oooooh GROSS! A kitty outdoors to love on the veranda is my ideal pet. (Forget birds unless you want to vacuum seed CONSTANTLY!)

Great post, Heather. : )

These kitties may shed like crazy but they are awfully sweet. ;)

Karen Deborah said...

Tigger is the other one! Heather is Piglet, the little messy worrier.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oops! So sorry to Tigger! (I just can't seem to get the hang of all of this blogger-speak names thing. So ...)


"Roo" (which would be Miss R) is depressed and missing Mississippi. She wants to move there NOW! She bought a fishing pole last week and is ready to pack up and move -- tornadoes don't scare her (if you saw her room you'd know that's true). Thanks again for giving her the time of her life. Lydia loves MS too, but the tornado damage dampened the enthusiasm a wee bit. ; ) You are ALL greatly missed. XO

Karen Deborah said...

awhhhh sweet! We went out to Lake Caroline tonight it's so pretty out there. I'm glad ya'll came and anytime your ready for a return visit just let us know!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Harump... Gold fish indeed! they are a pain in the tush to clean their aquarium... thats part of why we decided to build the pond outisde... we had 2 20 gallon tanks on 10 gallon and 1 one gallon... now we have one one gallon with two guppies and a 3500 gallon pond with 6 koi 2 gold fish and one mixed fish.
:-) I had to wash filters today and I have water lilys blooming :D YEAH

Karen Deborah said...

from Tigger:
Hahahahahahaha! Never mind about fish being sanitary, i think I'll just stick with