Monday, April 21, 2008

Since You Didn't Ask

There are a lot of people thinking about the economy, a recession, and becomming debt free. Dave Ramsey has made quite a name for himself telling folks to eat rice and beans today; so they won't be eating Alpo in their old age. I would eat rice in my old age if need be, before Alpo. I am not so fond of meat to enjoy the finer aspects of canned dog food. Actually I would not feed my dog Alpo, it gives most dogs really stinky gas.

As usual I am digressing already. My topic of the morning is financial freedome not the digestion of dog food. Dave has some good points and some good ideas. We also have some good ideas. My husband represents a company that offers a software service to cancel out interest on your mortgage. We can save the average person at least 5 years and $50,000 in interest. I say a service, because it's for life. All computer upgrades are automatic and there are real people in customer service for as long as you live. Yes, the software is transferable, no it does not work on more than one property at a time. Yes, it is easy. Yes, it is internet based. Yes, it does in fact work. Yes, the banks love it, they like being repaid early. Yes, we can give you a free analysis to show you exactly what our software can do for your financial life. It works on any amortized loan of any time length, even a neg/am. It is more beneficial in the beginning of the loan than for someone who has paid 20 years on a 30 year note, which is by the way the one half mark for a bank. They do weird math.
A friend of ours who built a house 3 years ago and has a $200,000 note will be paid in full in 5 more years, without changing his lifestyle, and without refinancing. No kidding, no tricks, not magic, it's just math. Which is why my husband, and not I do this. He is very good with numbers. I get lost somewhere after three digits without a calculator. So go ahead ask.
You have nothing to loose but your debt.


Kathy said...

That is awesome. We worked out an alternative schedule with our bank and we took 7 years off our new 30 year mortgage. No extra cost. But we'll be in retirement homes long before this place is paid off.
I agree with the Alpo comment. Thanks for the comments and thanks for the prayers. Yes it is the same man that had a heart attack a few months ago. And YES I have diagnosed him as hyperactive. And YES he will be the death of me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd be in for this.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

as soon as we figure out the situation here I want to know more... i will email you with more details or call you... you might be the answer to prayers.
Love n hugs

Brenda said...

Ah. You are singing my song. I am married to an accountant. Our house is paid off too. It is a wonderful feeling. Better than the feeling of fancy cars, expensive clothes...things.

Rechelle said...

hmmmm - I am certainly interested in this - but I what I really wanted to say was how much I love Standard Poodles. I grew up with one and would love to have one now. Right now! Your pictures are making me miss the dog of my childhood "Thunder".

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Interesting...we pay extra every month on our mortgage to pay it off earlier.

Is this something like the weekly paying of the mortgage to reduce the interest paid? A friend of ours (also good in math) told us about that.

Karen Deborah said...

Every one who wants to know more should e mail my husband. Yes, it's an answer to prayer and yes, it may bring our country around again. We really believe in this service! just e mail him. No one will pressure you about anything if it is right for you you will know it.

Rechelle, check out Jean Miller has beautiful poodles and she is a breeder oh high integrity, she's out in Nebraska and has a lovle litter now.

Karen Deborah said...

slip him a mickey and knock him out. you need a break.

Karen Deborah said...

From Tigger:
hehe thats my Nannie; she'll win you over and bring you to the good side of the force, lol. If you like this blog you should a book called: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Its a great economics book that my grandma used for my school education.