Thursday, April 10, 2008


Another storm coming batton down the hatches. Good thing I have a couple picchas of the yard it may get blown to smithereens. The Mississippi River is thinking about flooding out in Vicksberg. My girlfriend from Cali is flying today! She's going to see her sister first and will be her on the 14th. Wow we just saw alligators leaving the river on TV now that's freaky.

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Anonymous said...

Really? Y'all in MS really need to pay attention to animals doing weird things. They sense stuff. That is really bizarre. Keep us posted on what happens!

I'll be praying for y'all. We've got nasty weather but nothing dangerous.

Be safe.

Oh, hey, I keep forgetting to ask. You mentioned walking two dogs and I know Rasmus is gone... Is the second dog the unloved, redheaded step dog or what? Where's a picture???