Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tiggers Story

Tigger wants to post a story to my blog. I was going to write this one up too, so you have our unique perspectives.

OK so like my Grandma and I were butting heads together, right after she came home from yoga. (Grandma said to turn the video game off.) I began to throw a temper tantrum, believing my Grandma never listens to a word I say. (Grandma, is exasperated with Tigger turning in incomplete and late schoolwork) Yikes. Then I begin crying and saying ,"Lord, my life sucks, just strike me with lightening." Be careful when your messing with God like that.
(Grandma is wishing for Valium, is there a quick way to stop drama, like drama delete?)
Suddenly, I felt a sudden pain at the back of my throat and sticking my finger in there,I felt too my horror a big fat lump. (Amazing, she did not gag herself, was it answer to her prayer?)
I shrieked and ran to my Grandma,"I think there is a bone from my spine growing in the back of my throat!" (Is this kid for real?) My Grandma said I was crazy and over dramatic.
(yes, exactly my diagnosis) I implored my Grandpa, who chuckled a bit. Grandpa came downstairs to Nannie and convinced her to check my throat. Nannie got the flashlight, and I can tell you that it wasn't the most wonderful experience. My Grandma cracked up and said my tonsils were swollen to the size of walnuts. She said I had a fever. (Yep, I offered to just snip them out in the kitchen but she didn't want me too) LAME-O I was so irritated, and now the fact that I'm sick! (Pitiful really just pitiful, and did we mention dramatic?) In my mind, I imagined my Grandma having tonsils the size of melons. HA the mind is a beautiful thing!

I (Lame-o Grandma) told her I had my tonsils out when I was 5 years old. They lied to me and said I could eat all the ice cream I wanted when it was over. I did not want ice cream, I couldn't say anything, my throat had been cut. Another near death experience. I also woke up in a big crib, a five year old kindergartner! Tigger was not so mad anymore, because she was feeling sorry for Nannie at five. Nannie was feeling sorry for Tigger who actually did not have bones in the back of her throat, just the biggest tonsils ever seen. Nannie gave Tigger ibuprofen and salt water to gargle with. Nannie repented of impatience. Tigger repented of drama and temper. They all lived till morning, no kidding no body died! It runs in the family.


Kathy said...

VERY funny way to tell a story. Poor Tigger, you should be waited on hand & foot, right? LOL Especially after grandma's ambulance story.... hehehe

Karen Deborah said...

you got that right.