Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fat Bottomed Girls on Grits

When I stepped outside this morning I couldn't believe what had happened overnight. I really do have a spring garden. Little by little I have added the different perennials for each season. A large bed in back has mostly summer and late summer plants. The front beds are predominantly spring. Even though that tell tale black spot is raising it's ugly head already, the first flush is the best one. Since some of you are snow bound and still cold, I'm sharing not bragging. When you are just right I will be in sweltering heat. All of my gardening is done in two binges, spring and fall. I was more resilient to the heat when we first came here. I also wasn't packing around all this extra fat. Food is good here and fattening. Being a good Baptist there seems to always be a foodie function to attend and even if you just taste each thing, you've eaten a platter. The first time I ever tried FRIED dill pickles, I couldn't believe it. That just sounds so nasty, but,... it's great. I decided then and there that in the south fried cardboard would be good. Don't get me wrong I do not fry food at home. I do not make rich gooey desserts unless we are having guests. I try to fix healthy meals. However my bo hiney is a walking advertisement for fat bottomed girls on grits.

No longer! Up early and out for a long walk and an interval run. I cheated. I walked up a small long hill to get a burn going and then ran down the other side. I had both dogs slightly pulling and the hill for momentum. WHATEVER it takes! So I trotted along for my first block and man all the jelly was shaking everywhere. Jam don't shake like that. I like working up a sweat, it feels so good when you stop! Yoga is tonight to stretch out whatever tightened up.

May I abruptly change this discussion? My study about "Knowing God" is really phenomenal. The study today was mind blowing because it challenged a "set" of beliefs I have had. It also was so true it immediately banished those ideas. Truth is like that, it just cuts to the quick when it's heard. Whammo, no debate. He presented 4 concepts today.
  • God uniquely spoke to His people.
  • They knew it was God.
  • They understood what he said.
  • When God spoke it was an encounter with God.

Moses didn't say when he saw the burning bush, "this happened to my dad and my uncle now this is my experience." No, there was only one burning bush. Moses heard exactly what God wanted and that is why he argued so much. Noah knew what kind of ark to build, the exact dimensions, and what kind of wood. Jesus sent his disciples out with exact instructions. God is very precise.

How did we come up with this open door, closed door hit or miss idea? If I'm going the right way then let me proceed, if it's wrong shut the door. Sounds like a crap shoot. Blackaby says this, "Often people trust these ways because they appear to be easier than cultivating an intimate walk with God". Ouch. Whoops. I am a doer not a waiter. I'm a talker not a listener. I want what I want not to yield to another plan,....whoa wait a minute. How quickly the mighty have fallen. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, which is what He says in His book, then He is still specific and He is still speaking. If He is in a still small voice and I am going ninety to nothing working out my day and the LISTS for the day, where is the still small voice?

Would we stand up a great date? Would we leave our husbands or children, or even girlfriends just hanging? Then why do I treat God like that? If I mess up and don't spend time with God I just berate myself for it, do my penance. God doesn't want that, He wants me to show up.

Blackaby suggests,"God may withhold directions to cause you to seek Him more intently. Don't try to skip the relationship to start doing something. Wait and pray". Zing again. I am a type A personality to the max. When there is a problem my first response is, "What can I do?, How and I help"? My first response is not to sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary. I would be whippin up the fantabolous meal in the kitchen. Cleanin house and giving Jesus the best seat so someone else could visit with Him. After all this time I'm still doing the same dumb things,, baaaaahhhh.

My husband says this quote, I'm not sure who said it first, "Insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different results". Alright. I'm getting the message, in order to hear God I am going to have to go about life a bit differently. "Be still and know that I am God." It's not about religion, or a code of conduct, or a set of behaviors, or the way I dress. It's about relationship. An intimate loving relationship takes time, takes listening. I'm glad for all these walks and soon to be runs. God can be with me while I am out there. Pounding the pavement tends to drum out the noise of life. Maybe then I will hear. Speak Lord your servant is listening.


Anonymous said...

Baaaaah Baaaaah

I'm a dumb sheep too.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you how lovely your garden is!

Brenda said...

That was a lot of good stuff packed in there. I love your garden. It looks like it is from a magazin! If you keep jogging the jelly disappears and one day you will be running and you will it will dawn on you that nothing is wiggling. I've done that Bible study before. It is awesome!

Susiewearsthepants said...

Great post! I love me some Fried Dill pickles with ranch dressing. Yummy.

Karen Deborah said...

Where can you get fried dill pickles in San Jose?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

the fried pickles look easy to make too... they are good I had them in a resturant in southern missouri several years back :-)
LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden so beautiful!
love the bible study too... great post!