Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Packaging up Presents

Fun fun, I love to make packages and give away presents. I'm going to come up with a challenging contest next time. I think ya'll should have to write a story or sumthin. You know a rEaL contest. Kayla took a lot of cool picchas of the garden which is going crazy! Thought I would post some. Congrats again to the winners and Kelly next time I'll rig it for you and you'll win a roll of TP or a box of Preparation H, something that involves poo, maybe Boudreaus Butt Balm.
Here is Mabunny's second place prize and Kayebee's little extra, she got a package of Fine Herbs from Fresh Market. Mabunny's little package shipped today. I might get a Super Sheep DVD since I talk about it a lot for the next give away. I'll be thinking on the prize and the story topic.


Brenda said...

All your photos of flowers inspired me. I stopped and bought a basket of impatiens today. They are in my living room so far but hopefully it will be warm enough to set it outside soon!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Charmin, just so you know.

If we want to see any flowers around here we have to stick fake ones in our pots outside. Believe it or not... lots of people do exactly that. Hmmmmmm... maybe I should run around the neighborhood and take some pictures to prove it.

Karen Deborah said...

OK OK, but ya'll I was sweatin buckets today when I took my walk and we are fixin to get hot SOON, so my showin off can't last very long. I'm really just shairn the purty flowas with ya'll.

MaBunny said...

I'll be anxiously chekcing my mail box soon!! Thanks again Karen. Will show a picture too of it whenI getit:))

I amnow hosting my first blog contest. It is very easy, andI'm doing it to celebrate my 100th post. It is open toanyone,so hope to see you there!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

ya'll here that? go see mabunny!!
she is at Ables Antics.