Monday, June 30, 2008


Is the moon full? Daddy BB and I are working on a resolution. We mostly get along so this is hard. His daughter came by today and helped me take Callie to the vet.
She keeps loosing weight. She's not very old only 15 months. She peed on me which is never a good sign for a cat. Her mouth and toes are pretty pink but she is definitely loosing weight, with a poor appetite. No vomiting. That would be considered a "report," for a person. The vet kept her to check her for feline leukemia. The bad news is that Piglet took her for spaying and did not get shots. How that happened is beyond me, everybody at our house has had shots. I even get rabies for the cats. Soooo
This little one has been over sighted, I feel terrible. The vet thinks it's kidney damage from the tainted cat food last year. He said he's seeing a lot of damage and it's taken this long to show up. The first thing to rule out is the feline leukemia.
Daddy BB thinks if she is sick we should put her down before the kids come back home.
I think if she still purs and eats if it's only a little and seems to enjoy life leave her alone. If she is contagious then no, and I don't even want to THINK about that.
When it rains it pours.


Flea said...

Oh sweetie. I hope she recovers and well. Is there a possibility of that? It's brutal when an animal so young goes down hill.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

The vet said Mr. Bingley was hopeless with total kidney failure nearly a year ago, but she was wrong. He's as spry as ever and just passed the 1-year-old mark. You're in my prayers for all this "stuff" going on. If it is a full moon (I never keep track) take a moonlight stroll with DBB, smooch in the shadows, and celebrate all the good in life. : )
p.s. Take a picture of a firefly for me.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I feel for you and have been thinking about you guys. I hate arguing--it just leaves me drained.

With what is going on with my brother right now I don't want to be mad at anybody ever again. They can be gone in an instant! Poof! One second you are doing what you always did--the next your life is changed forever. Accidents happen and then you walk around trying to remember what the heck you were so mad at that person about. What was so important that we wasted time arguing about it? Will it make a difference 20 years from now--or even 10?

Anonymous said...

We usually check BUN, Creat, and urine. I am lucky in that several hospitals I work at have ultrasound so we can take a peek at those kidneys. Was the leukemia test negative? Any sign of infection? (CBC) As long as it is not a congenital defect, I have seen renal disease go both ways.... we usually keep them going on SQ fluids and many vets will let owners do that at home (esp nurses!) SOme turn around, many do not..... I have seen very ill, uncomfortable kitties purr right up to the end. And if she is terribly thin and still eating, she is actually starving to death, and in my humble opinion, that is not a good way to go. Sorry so long, just trying to cover many bases in short space. I don't have another way to contact you. I will send this anonymous, but remain as your blogging vet buddy.*hugs and prayers*

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, you have a blogging vet buddy-- that was kind to give you some info, I only hope that it's not really kidney failure. I'm so sorry you're having these times!

Brenda said...

Oh I am sorry. I hope everything is ok and you get good news.

Anonymous said...

I hope all tuens out well.