Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bodacious Bovines Meet the Diva Pig and other Southern Adventures

The day begins with a sight seeing trip.

Wow dude you are TALL!

Hey Bessie I think your cute!

Just a minute buster she is spoken for! Fred's feathers are ruffled.

Wow Fred, check out this big whale and that turtle! Which turtle Bess?

Oh wow, every where we go here we make friends.

A romantic moment.
It's about milkin time Bessie is fairly burstin! Hi Mr. Milkman how about a hand? or two?

Little pig is hopeful...

Oh yeah buddy, now that is what I'm talkin about! God bless the dairy farmers! Oink oink and whoooo hooooo.

Nice suggestion, don't mind if we do.

Fred has been thinking about that other guy trying to get away with his bovine. He is thinking that it's about that time.

To make it official. Isn't she beautiful?

All dressed up for the party and all the new friends have come to celebrate. Little pig is milk drunk, thanks to Bessie and the Diva Pig has arrived.

The gang is all here.

Those bovines . Cow's unite!

Later on as the bovines relax with the pork,...such a lovely view. Are they always so kissie face?

Just in case you'd rather have your milk in a cup the Bess is always the perfect hostess. She picked up a new handbag during her travels isn't it so chic?

Little pig has been asking for refills...drunk I say.

Fred takin in the sights.

The Diva in heels!

Not to be outdone Fred and Bessie try some new styles on too. What a party. Fred and Bessie have had a wonderful time. Wonder where they'll turn up next.

Flea these are your bovines aren't they? Are your fences broken? Are your lonely for them? The cat did it? Naughty Lou, you can not trust a cat. I hope you haven't worried. These are the most adventurous bovines ever...

For more adventures of Fred and Bessie click on The World According to Flea.


Unknown said...

Now all you need is the hen who laid the golden egg to show up!!

farmlady said...

Wow! those cows really have a "full" life. Wonderful wedding and great adventures for the two of them. I wish them well.

Chris H said...

Ha ha.... I love cows.

Elysa said...

I love the pig drinking the bottle of milk! What a hoot!

WudWerkr said...

hmmmmmmmmm either you are having a really great day or you need a napp reeaaaaal bad , not sure which.


have a good day , i enjoyed your trip through bovine country

Heidi said...

OMG!! YOu have about killed me this morning!!! LOL The boys want to read more!!!

Karen Deborah said...

I have WAY to much time on my hands don't you think?

Big Hair Envy said...

I came by to join your Pity Party, but ended up attending a Bovine Wedding!!! Life is GOOD!

What type of pain killers are you taking??? Heehee!!!

Sadie said...

My...those boots have you with a lot of free time, huh? :) I LOVED this blog, it was really cute!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

those cows so crack me up!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. So funny : ) I love this. Darling as can be.

Flea said...

I love the baby pig!!! And it's about time those two smoochers tied the knot ...

Flea said...

P.S. - I've been away from the internet all week. Had some posts set up to run automatically, but I was GONE. And it was good. :)

Jeannelle said...

Great post! Looks like Fred & Bessie are up to their usual tricks. They were at my house a couple months ago. What a pair!

Rosie_Kate said...