Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sheep are in the Meadow....

I was looking at the watermelons today and can you believe this? Talk about the sheep in the meadow and the cows in the ----? These are unruly livestock if ever there were some.

What now? They aren't alone. Looks like they found some friends.

Your kidding right?

That little pig thinks this is very funny, rolling on the ground laughing his little pork off.

Looks like they are all in on the joke. Don't these cows belong somewhere in Oklahoma?
Where is that Marlboro Man with the burly forearms? How about the Milkman with his burly forearms? Doesn't anybody know how to keep livestock anymore?

Well, what did you expect? This is Fresh Fixins where you never do know what your going to get, and this would be SILLY SATURDAY.


Annie said...

The man with the burly forearms
was sitting next to me,
on the plane home from NYC

I got another seat
and I didn't get to eat!

No, just kidding...I got another seat so I didn't have to lean out into the aisle all the way home (24 hours), but there was no reading light!
(I couldn't make it rhyme)

Love the post..very funny!

Sadie said...

Aw, I couldn't sleep, so this late night laugh was great :)

My guy's got those burly arms you speak of... he works at one of the nations top stainless steel manufacturing places, but we live in Ohio. Last I remembered, thats nearly a days drive, and I reckon by then, the little critters would have overrun your awesome garden ya got :)

Mental P Mama said...

{{{{Fred and Bessie!!!}}}} You are in for some real fun;)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Looks like they were just sneaking some cool shade under the melon leaves!

And, yes, do tell about your technology you are working on...does it involve REALLY small cows and pigs???

Heidi said...

LOL you are tooooo silly, I love it!! I bet thier poop is much easier to clean up!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Here I thought you were becoming farmers! With REALLY big plants! LOL

Flea said...

Your plants are so HUGE!!!

I wondered where my wee bovines had gotten to. Glad to see they're safe in your capable hands!

WudWerkr said...

me thinks someone needs a nap !


Anonymous said...

I wanna be the little piggy rolling around in your garden!

Asthmagirl said...

Awww! You found Fred and Bessie! Hugs to my bovine buddies!

And they do speak Cow-wa-wa. If you find a Chihuahua in the neighborhood, they'll be able to tell you what Fred and Bessie are saying!

Have fun!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hi Fred and Bessie!! Oh girl, your place will never be the same after those two...

Donalyn said...

Take it from me, you have to watch those two every minute! I can't believe how bit the stuff in your garden is!