Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Garden is Leaping.

The stairs are finished. I didn't shut the door because I haven't painted it yet, shame. I won about putting in the old mailbox up here, it's yard art, in my opinion. Other opinions around here is it's hoakie. I don't care I got my way!

The transplants in their happy bliss, they don't seem to have been affected at all, being dug up at the wrong time of year and all.

I don't think my camera is catching the size changes well, these plants have grown about 6 inches in 2 days, unbelievable.

This is what I call a riot of color. When I first came to the south I tried to plant a garden similar to my friend Debbie's at Wisteria and Roses. When we lived in the same town she taught me a lot about roses. Like I've said before I planted 36 the first year. Roses don't like heat and humidity. Watermelons like heat and humidity. Plants that have bright colors like heat and humidity, like these lilies and purple sage. You know "when in Rome do as the Romans do," has some truth to it when it comes to gardening.

Do you recall my lovely Easter out door dining room for alfresco meals?

And my idea for a large table? Yes this is the same area. How long ago was Easter? Only a few short weeks? Seems like an eternity when my eyes gaze upon this. Maybe I should go paint the door, it must be in the high 90's today. To paint and sweat?

Or read and blog?

Just to add a little humor to your day.

Kayla is no longer working at the Greek restaurant. They were not kind to her. One of the two cooks a deranged mental patient kept cussing her out, we were not happy about that.

She is also not the type of person to move around at a fast pace. One time in a rush she managed to get both her hands on the grill, ouch. she also slipped and sprawled onto the floor, not good.

They fired her. My poor baby was pretty hurt. After soothing her hurt feelings and building her back up I made a comment about how some people in different cultures behave in different ways. She had been talking about how crabby the two different cooks were, one the cussing son, and another a sweaty old woman. I said ,"Well Kayla she is Greek!"
Kayla replied, "She's not Greek she's Presbyterian."

Seriously, it runs in the family, we have Clairol in our brains.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hugs to Miss Kayla. Tell her artists need to create beauty not serve tables and fend off naughty words. Paint girl! Draw girl! Go girl!

Beautiful South'ren garden, my dear. (I love the eatin' stuff!) Our gardens have just BOOMED so much in the summery days of late and the loooooooooong spates of light far into the evenings.

It all looks great . . . wish I were there for a ride in that fine pickup and then a yummy dinner around that table (tidied up of course). Does this count as a prayer for us to be together? YEP!!! I'm prayin'!

Love it all and LOVE YOU!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol not greek love it... hugs to her~

Chris H said...

Your garden is awe inspiring ! Well done on all the plants etc. Shame about your outdoor fresco eating area...

Anonymous said...

One word in regard to your garden:


Kayla is a kick! What a doll baby!

I'm glad Heather is safe. I will be keeping her and y'all in my prayers!

Flea said...

Look at your pretty yard! And that's hilarious. Presbyterian. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, poor little thing! : ). Don't worry. She will find a much better job. My good friend in college once told me "rejection is God's protection" and I always try to remember that during difficult times when things aren't going the way I planned.

Sadie said...

that garden is awesome!! Everything here is soo much smaller. and for sure doesn't grow that fast! I sure do wish they did though! Your garden really does look great, and you are gonna have as much as you can eat of just about everything before you guys know it! yum :)

Big Hair Envy said...

Presbyterian? Bwahahaha!! I LOVE Kayla!

Can't wait to see more pics of your garden....aren't those little plants AMAZING??!

Cat Lady said...

lol Nanny, I knew you would post about this even when I told you not to rofl. Yes my blonde streaks really soaked in that night lol. I'm probably going to start posting my artwork on here. Hope you enjoy it Nanny, if not, well we can discuss about it at home lol.