Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grains and Greens

Once a year we buy grain in bulk. One woman has been organizing a 5000 pound minimum delivery of grains from Montana twice a year. This year she said she would just do it once. I have plenty to use up so I only bought another 100 pounds and I spent about $100. That is really cheap when you figure out how much one loaf of bread costs at the store. If I was smart in math I could figure this out. I just have an intuitive idea it is cheaper.

Here comes the truck!

Unloading freight is second nature to an old trucker, he couldn't be more relaxed with a hand truck. He taught me that word, "hand truck". It is not a dolly. A dolly is the flat board thingie with wheels.

Helping unload the 5000 pound shipment.

Wonder how it looked in Egypt when Joesph dispensed grain during the famine. When I started buying grain in bulk the Hunny started calling me Josie.

Once it is all stacked and counted each family pulls their order, checks the slips and off we all go, home to bake bread or whatever. I like seeing all these people working together, my job was to take pictures. I didn't pick up the 50 pound bags. Do you know what you call a nurse with a bad back? Unemployed.


I finally got around to painting that door on the shed. With the mailbox it looks like a little cottage sitting there. The garden is berserk, we should be able to start picking some food soon. When I scroll down to the dirt prep pictures even I am amazed!

It needs a little sign or something above the door don't you think? Ya'll thought I was nuts when I said I was going to paint the door purple. It's cute isn't it! Purple is a great color for doors. I like to be weird.

The dirt is almost covered up the plants are so thick and they are luscious.

A lovely southern evening, it's a little blurry but I posted it anyway because the sky is so beautiful tonight. Have a good week.


farmlady said...

One hundred lbs. of grain, a lovely vegetable garden, a beautiful sunset and a PURPLE door...., how could you not feel better.
You have a good week too.

Angela said...

That shed is looking gorgeous girl. Your plants are just thriving..just beautiful

Laura ~Peach~ said...

beautiful garden love the purple door and very cool on the grain shipment!

Kathy said...

Grain in bulk,a great idea. We buy it in bulk for the horses and mules. Jerry wanted me to cook up some of the oats to see if as good as Quaker Oats, ummm no Jerry, bugs in horse grain!
I love your cute little shed and LOVE the purple door.
Your garden is totally awesome Mrs. Green-thumbs.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

What fun! Gardens, grains, and a guy to haul it all for you. (Sounds like my life!)

I order in bulk through my little organic market. They discount, don't charge shipping, and load it into my car. I'm off to order another 100 lbs of hard red wheat (it goes fast around here) along with some pink beans, red beans, and lentils . . . I'll add black-eyed peas if they can get organics. I love bulk ordering!

Your garden looks fabulous! I can smell the pasta sauce simmering while the music plays as you and your mister dance in the kitchen. I miss my Mississippi home!

I'm already planning for your trip out here. I'm praying HARD for all the pieces to fall into place. God is good!

Unknown said...

The garden looks beautiful! : )

Flea said...

I LOVE the purple door! And yes, you need a sign above that door. Something unique.

How's the California Girl doing lately?

When would you like to receive visitors? Little ones?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, your garden is crazy! I'm sooooooo jealous!!!

Cat Lady said...

WHERE WAS I WHEN ALL THIS HAPPENED? man I always miss the good stuff T.T