Sunday, June 21, 2009

Could it be?

Out of the clear blue sky,came unexpected news.

You've seen it before. I never get tired of looking at it. On this side of heaven it's probably the only house that ever so completely stole our families hearts. I know there are a lot better houses out there. It probably doesn't look like much to you other than big.

When we lived here I had the yard terraced with flowers it was so pretty. It wouldn't take long to get the yard pretty again. The back yard has fruit trees. Wild blackberry bushes are everywhere. The girls used to try and pick enough for pie, they never did, they ate too many.

An old friend called today. It's been years since we have talked. We home schooled our kids together and we spent a lot of time together then. My grand girls and her kids were thick as thieves, they were totally in love and they had inseparable friendships. We went everywhere together, swimming, outings, field trips, the park. We saw each other almost every day. It's odd how you can be so close to people and then circumstances change and you aren't in each others lives at all.

My friend knew me when I lived here. Now don't get confused, but she has also been friends with the people who bought the house and live there now. All these years her family has had the pleasure of this house. They have gone to Mt. Hermon to go swimming, over the drawbridge and through the woods. You see it's not just about the house, it is WHERE the house is. Being a next door neighbor to a Christian conference ground like that is an indescribable blessing. In the summer we were free to just walk across the street and enjoy the festivities. We could go hear Buddy Greene sing and play his harmonica, or listen to Chuck Swindoll. It was all just part of your average day.

No other place has the ability to pull on our heart strings like this one.


We have to pray. We cannot strive for this and finagle and lose our minds. But if God wants us to go back it would be like a bit of heaven. I cannot even imagine getting to move back into that house. Who ever gets to do something like that?

At the same time I have to wrap all that it could possibly be and lay it at the feet of my Lord.
Sometimes that is hard to do, but we must. It probably sounds weird to some, but even if I had the house again, if I was not where God wanted me to be then it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be good. My God does have specific plans for me, and being where He wants is the most important thing.

If He wants us to go there and makes a way for us to do this, I will be wildly happy.
If he wants us to stay here and wave goodbye; I must rest in that and be content.


Unknown said...

May His will be done....

LDF said...

My old Dad used to say "ride it out" and that sounds like what you're aiming to do over this house. Over the years I've found if I "ride it out", things always turn just fine. I hear folks say things like "let go and let God" and "if it's God's will it will happen" but I still think my old Dad worded it best 'cuz patience can be like a wild pony ride!

Flea said...

Were you considering moving prior to this?

Angela said...

Will be praying. I love the scripture where it says He has gone on before us to make the crooked places straight and the rough patches smooth.

That house is gorgeous. Would LOVE to see the inside.

Heidi said...

praying for you my dear friend!! :)

WudWerkr said...

well , i am glad for you , however , i will caution that the phrase "u cant go back home" does come into play here . The memories are wonderfull and are part of what makes it such a beautifull place . Just dont go into it with the feeling of old memories , go into it with the plan of making NEW memories . The other way could lead to disappointment

noble pig said...

Wow, that wouls be something...I can't wait to hear the updates!

Cat Lady said...

Nanny you need to take everything into consideration here: Church, school, job, money, friends, everything. Going now to California, I think, would be the worst decision ever, because we'd get flat broke really fast, and then the trip wouldn't "be worth the effort" any more.

farmlady said...

First of all; even though the market is at it's lowest it's been in a long, long time it still may shock you how expensive it will bto buy this house and live here again. Secondly; you need to consider all the reasons that you left California in the first place. Third; Be sure that God is directing you and not your own desires.
If this is the "right" thing to do, it will surely be a wonderful move for you. I wish you the best.

joanne said...

thinking of you..;p