Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

I have been trying to think of something good to post about. Do you find that good writing requires a good mood? It's not like we haven't done anything at all. I did cook some yesterday and thought about posting about cooking, and didn't. My feet were numb and it wasn't fun.

The garden is growing and struggling from the heat but it is hanging in there. I am getting cucumbers, no tomatoes yet they are still green. I need to make some pickles. I thought about posting on the garden but I didn't.

I'm losing weight, and thought about posting about that, but didn't.

I'm reading a book that is supposed to be fabulous, "Housekeeping" by Marilynne Robinson, but I find it wordy and confusing. I can't get a clear picture about the house in my head, I suppose I really do think at that Jr. high level. I thought about posting about books, and didn't.

The truth is I just feel blah. If I let myself I could cry, but I'm not going to, not today.

I am really tired of these boots. Sometimes I walk around without them, anyway just to test and see if these ankles are really cracked and maybe this isn't true. I am careful with my cheating.

Truthfully, I feel a little whiney and depressed about it. It's not even the 1st of July yet, I have to wear these all through the summer and it has been STINKIN hot! I won't paint a picture of the sweat drenched ultra thick padding in these boots.

I am behind on everything. If I try and just tough it out and stand up to clean and get things done well I trip because the feet on these things are too long, or kick something, ouch. Getting upstairs is really interesting. Not a pretty sight. I have to use two hands and kinda haul my self up and it's really because the boots are so awkward. My husband helps and so does Kayla but you know how it is when the mom is off duty.

And I am REALLY tired of duck jokes.

So that is it.

A pity party! Welcome to my pity party. You know, I know the drill. Think about how much worse things good be, or think about all the good that is. I know that. I am grateful for what is good.
I know it could be worse my whole body could be in a dad gum boot and then I'd throw my self off of some bridge. But if you don't mind I'll just go ahead and have a little pity party today and if you don't want to attend I certainly understand.


Farmgirl Paints said...

So sorry you're struggling. I can't imagine how hard it is to be confined to those boots and not being able to do the things you want. You are a trooper. Don't get discouraged.

Congrats on your weight loss... keep it up.

I keep a journal by my computer to put blog ideas in. You never know when an idea will hit.

Anonymous said...

You have to be in a good mood to post on your blog?!?!? Not me sistah!!! Well... sometimes I guess.

I ain't joinin' in on no pity party with you! Nope! There is humor in your situation. Who but you would have to wear ginormous moon boots in Mississippi ALL SUMMER?!?!?

Well... maybe me. I did have to wear a metal brace for four months when I broke my back in a jet ski accident on vacation in another state. That definitely sucked.

And what is with no duck jokes? Work it girlfriend!!! Bust out some dancing duck moves and don't just sweat in your boots! Your family will think you quacked... er, I mean, cracked... Wouldn't it be cool to see a bit of consternation and concern cross their faces?

You could write poetry... Poetry about hellish hot boots in sweltering hellish heat.

You could put on a blog fashion show... boots and nightie in the garden... model walk down the stairs in a summer dress with a flower behind your ear... that one should be on video. hmmmmm... Hot Mama in the kitchen wearing an apron and boots (be kind and have something on under the apron, just sayin'). Put on a big hat and sit in your rocker out back with a glass of iced tea and your boots.

If it gets too hot for ya... crank up the air conditioning, lock everyone out and go nekkid. No pictures please.

Or... search for the deeper meaning in having to wear big hot boots all summer with two cracked ankles. Find the blessings in them. You can stomp around in the garden without checking for snakes. You can step on a cockroach and not feel the crunch. Your ankles and feet will be free of mosquito bites all summer.

Wait... did you say you are loosing weight? What? I hate you. I want some big hot boots!

Unknown said...

Staying in contact with kids fighting cancer, pretty much keeps me from attending pity parties. It's so easy to fall back into becoming a regular attendee, I know. :)

farmlady said...

I agree with everything COFFEE BEAN said. Come on..., look at those boots. Have a good cry and get it over with, then read something funny.

Chris H said...

Just because OTHER PEOPLE are worse off than you does not mean you can't feel crappy sometimes. You are feeling bloody awful and you are ENTITLTED to feel down and grumpy! SO THERE... I will join your pity party! I had a crap day too.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Poor thing. I have my days too. And I don't like to post when I have those days. Or comment for that matter. Just don't want my bad day to ruin someone else's, I guess. But I know where you're coming from. I'll jump on the wagon and ride with you until we both feel better!
Maybe it would help if you looked up and not down.
I hope today is a better day for you!!!

Trudy said...

I'm GLAD you posted how you feel, and I hope it helped a little bit!! I can't imagine hving to suffer through the summer in those danged hot boots, and having to get up the stairs in them!

I don't cry very much, but when I do--I always feel at least a little better.

Unknown said...

I have them all the time. And they aren't that great! I hope it passes quickly and you are on to a real party for the 4th of July : )

Flea said...

You poor baby. How very miserable. You're allowed to cry, you know.