Sunday, April 13, 2008


Do you know what challenges me about blogging? Besides spelling, that's a given. Those stupid wiggly letters to confirm your comments to a post! My glasses cost more than $400 for just the lenses. The extra light trifocal progressives with no lines in them. Regular glasses look like coke bottle bottoms for me and they break my nose. Now my eyes are changing again and I'm back to switching glasses and wearing my reading glasses for up close stuff. It's the pits when I go somewhere and realize that my distance vision is fuzzy because I forgot to switch back to my regular glasses. These wiggly weird letter combinations with double consonants and z's and x's drive me batty. The other day I was visiting "Because I Said So", you know Dawn that gets like 250 comments a post. It's like she's another Beth Moore or something. I got the first post, number one, numero uno; and guess what? I must've messed up the stinkin eye test because my comment got lost, zip nada nothin. Well maybe she deleted it, but probably not. Nope it was the wiggly stupid letters. Who thought of that stuff?


MaBunny said...

I'm with ya on the wiggly letters K.D.!!
Hehe, I'm happy when I have liek 3 or 4 comments to moderate, I can't imagine 250 or more per post like Dawn. Even Manic for that reason. She always gets people commenitng on her blog for all her hilariousness ( is that a real word?)

I will let you know when I get my package. Its monday, so I'm hoping it will be here soon!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL i have to laugh here as YOU also use those annoying letters LOL
Love n hugs!

Anonymous said...

I won't tell you how many times I have to type and re-type the letters. It's to the point where I am about to start using the little wheelchair ma bob thingy ma jig so it just says what the letters are.

Your comment over at Elys'a...
"Get her fixed" made me snort coke out of my nose.