Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Pretty Fun Contest

She admits to the originality of the idea. Who ever heard of a blog contest?
The Country Doctors Wife, has some can do prizes. $75 and two $50 gift certificates at "anthropologies" bet I spelled that wRoNg! I hear they have cool dishes. I like dishes, wait, I love dishes, I only have three sets and then the assorted pieces of artsy stuff, and did you know that I really love cute dishes? guess what? TCDW does too, and she's buying! Go see.

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April said...

Okay, enough about TCDW! Geesh!

Anyway, we had a black standard poodle when I was growing up. His name was Count Thunder's Bishop. We called him Thunder. His top notch went flat as he got older and I would take a comb and part it down the middle. He was such a great dog. He died when I was a sophomore in college.