Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Storm Stories

All this talk about tornado's reminded me of something. When we first moved here from California we didn't take storms too seriously. Daddy BB doesn't yet. On one particularly gray cloudy night we were relaxing in our hot tub together watching the clouds go by. The sky was looking pretty eerie and threatening and the wind was picking up. My husband drove trucks forever, there are two things he is a dead ringer at, guessing speed and weights. I asked him," Honey how fast do you think those clouds are going"? He looked and said about "55 miles per hour".
"Really? Do you think we should be out here? Maybe we are having a storm." I said.
Mr. Conservative about weather and anxiety said, "Yep, we better go in".
We turned on the weather channel and they were filming so close to our house that every time they showed a picture of the sky, it was a match to the view out our window. within the next few minutes the sky was BLACK. A tornado was traveling right by our road and hit on the other side of the freeway. I had crawled under Daddy BB's desk and was absolutely askeared to death. It was a humdinger. That was the last time we were caught with our pants off in a storm.


Kathy said...

Years in Michigan and then Kansas, provided my family with several tornado experiences. Then I move to California and all those midwestern relatives worry about losing me in an earthquake. After assuring all that I am in an earthquake free-zone (I may have made that up) I actually felt a tiny little earthquake in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Tornadoes... I sure don't miss those!!! My two youngest were baptized in that hot tub of yours... you weren't implying y'all were nekkid out in it are you?!?!?

Karen Deborah said...

I'll never tell.

Anonymous said...

Of course I have pictures of my kids getting baptized! What kind of mom do you think I am?!?!?

Well, I'll tell ya. Not the on top of my pictures, scrapbooking kind, that's for sure! One of my goals is to get our pictures organized. God only knows which box those pictures are in! I know they aren't in an album yet. When I come across them I will be sure to send you copies. Probably sometime after the year 2020.

Karen Deborah said...

ok I'll be looking forward to that!

MaBunny said...

EEK! Glad you were ok during that storm.

Have a great weekend!