Friday, June 5, 2009

Questions and Answers

1. I am doing better with my beach withdrawals. I'm going to work enough extras and overtime to buy a ticket.
2.I just found out how to open my email on the blog. It's that Clairol thing again.
3. How do you email me from a comment?
4. How do I email you from a comment?
5. Please don't think I'm rude because I haven't been doing that, I don't know how.

So here it is.

Grandma J. yep you got it exactly right.

Sadie, you need to go sometime and take your girls.

Peach I always love to visit you, there is no one like you and your family.

Debbie you love me I know you do and I'm seriously going to make some kind of a plan.

Farm lady yeah your pictures contributed but I loved every minute of the agony.

Becky your hilarious, and I've got no problem with you comin along maybe we should have us a little west coast blogfest.

Karen I would love you to come and see me and bring your chitlins.

MaBunny I did change my patch.

Noble Pig, you do know how to live. If you want to try a different beach try Aptos.

Linda, you made me laugh, crack up actually, and cocktails? for reals?

Gail, you are very sweet, totally right, and glad you have your flowers planted already, I still have half a wheelbarrow full to plant. The shame!

Chris H, wise council, I do like where I live, I am grateful, I had an attack.

Tracy, yeah you were a contributor to my demise but you are not alone. I don't even like Mr Toots coffee as much as Santa Cruz Roasting Company, but I love that little deck to sit outside and watch everything. You have to make a point to go there for the begonia festival you will flip. They do floats for a parade that is all on the river and all made of gorgeous begonias, it's incredible. I hear what your talking about, your reasons are why we moved here. We bought this house with2/3 of an acre for $113,000. You hear what I am talking about? You can't even buy a single wide trailer for that in California, heck you probably couldn't buy a storage shed for that.
Yeah maybe we could trade for a vacation or something.

Farmchick, you got it and yep, that's exactly what I'll do.

thank ya'll, I'm working my 4th 12hr shift tomorrow so sayanara.


Sadie said...

That is so good to hear that you are going to take a trip out there!! I would love to go and take the girls sometime, maybe one day we will be able to afford it :) We are wanting to take a trip somewhere as a family this summer, but I don't know how far west we can afford to go :)

We were able to go fishing here the other day. We don't have real nice beaches like in florida, or california, but we have lake erie, and the beaches aren't too bad. My dad lives by coco beach florida, I've been to visit a few times, I loved watching the tide come in, we don't have that here!

oh, and I am a *idiot* I just checked my email for the first time in like 2 weeks, and saw your email about the iris's... so my cover is blown on my worst habit.... I hardly ever check my email. I forget about it for weeks at a time.. I assume its too late for them now :( I have a extreme clairol thing goin' on!

your 4th 12 in a row? I would be out cold on my feet, get some rest soon! Hope your garden is still coming along nicely too!

Becky said...

I could not imagine 12 in row. I worked .5 making pizza and I'm hurting. :-p

I cn't email from comments becuse my computer has issues. nd now it appers as if my A key only works when it wnts. A west coast blog party sounds fun!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

my bulbs are planted... :) its in your settings on your blog... you set it up to send comments to your email then you can respond back through email ...and i forgot the other questions that fast...
hope you have a wonderful day at work!
love n hugs Laura

Kitter said...

Karen, I just love reading this blog! Not so good at commenting. I'll work on that. Careful about working too much. I know it's easier when you have a goal (trip to Santa Cruz) Once you 'DO' Santa Cruz and visit all your old stomping grounds...the traffic, crowds, prices of everything will make you glad you moved. Just think, you'll always have a really fun place to visit with very fond memories!

Sometimes, I think all the responsibility and obligations can feel a bit overwhelming. Oh to be 18, care free and able to go and do whatever!

Maybe we can plan to rent a house in Santa Cruz for the summer (or a month)and hang out. Have girlfriends come and go as they wish. Do some dancing and beach walking and coffee drinking. It would be good for our souls ;)
Love you, Kitter

farmlady said...

I'm so relieved that you're over your breakdown. I really felt semi-responsible for all the pain you went through and the Santa Cruz/Pacific Ocean/ California memories/ "great coffee" thing you endured.
Having a goal; like buying a ticket to vacation here is a good idea. Gives you something to look forward to.

Sadie said...

I know I contributed my fair share, with the dogs and puppies... I felt so bad, but I am happy you are feeling better, and getting to travel. can't say that enough :)

Cat Lady said...