Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Boots.

Sometimes I think I seriously miss the boat. Once when my back was hurt I slipped and fell down a short flight of steps about 5 of them. My wrist was sore but nothing compared to my back. The short end of that tale was a little hot pink cast on my wrist. It was the same pink cast I soaked off in the hot tub a couple of weeks early because it itched so bad I was going to lose my mind.

Nurses can be hard headed, I am in the perfect profession in that regards.

We have established that USUALLY I am not a whiner, right? Aside from sudden and intense withdrawals from the west coast, it's beaches, coffee, and cool ocean breezes.

I mean now and then, I have mentioned that I live with pain, but I don't moan and groan or you wouldn't come back. I know because whiners drive me crazy. So imagine my surprise when the results of my bone scan came back positive for stress fractures in both ankles!

Two boots?! Two boots for 6 weeks.

I can get around ok.

To snap some shots of these beauties for you.

Yum, can't wait for these and neither can these scary bugs!

So now what? Tomorrow I find out if the doctor is going to take me off of work. I don't see how I can. It's too fast paced, I'll fall on my face or worse, not a pretty sight. NOT.

May I philosophize a bit? I believe that "all" things that God allows in His children's lives are for good. Even these little nasty looking gifts, that outwardly seem unfair.

I have an idea in my head for another book and it's churning around ready to come out and be typed. I can't do that while hoofin it around the ICU. I can't do anything when I work those 12 hour shifts except hit my bed and thank God that I am still alive. Sometimes I feel like I signed up to be a Navy Seal or something. The attitude in the unit where I work is that the "new kid on the block," should have the toughest assignments. While I am jumping around the others are sitting, and chatting with their feet propped up, bad for morale, mine not theirs.

The funny thing is I have been telling the Hunny that when I get home I can barely walk. It has been very hard to get up the stairs. I was blaming arthritis, being over weight, etc,... etc...
but it is fractures. I am not a whimp. When I was a little girl I was a whiney Mama's baby and couldn't stand anything. I am not a whimp, hee hee snort!

In my last post I made a joke about unemployed nurses, now it's not so funny. I could make this a workman's comp case because my right ankle cracked at work. I haven't worked there very long and I really don't want to do that.

I am thinking a lot right now about what I do want. Do you think that God gives us our desires?
The desires in our hearts and our secret dreams? Those things we wish we could do? Those if nothing was in your way what would you do with your life kind of secret dreams?

I think He does. I think the only thing in the way, is our believing that He will do it for us.

Would you like to know what my dream is?
I would like to know yours. What if we stopped pretending for a moment and thought about those deep longings in our souls. Life is too short to waste even , a minute.

My dream is to write, and speak for womens conferences. My dream is to go on every short term mission trip our church offers every year, every time. My dream is to give my life away. My first book is already set aside to be given for minsitry, it is waiting for a route to be published. I just haven't seen a way yet, but God. When He is ready it will happen.

My dream is to be available to do whatever God wants me to do, whenever he wants me to do it.
I think if working full time in the ICU was where he wanted me to be, I wouldn't be wearing two boots.


Sadie said...

I think you have beautiful dreams, and I also think that yes, you have those two boots for a reason! If nothing else, it will give you the time to think on it all :)

My dream? To be a photographer :) I would be nothing short of ecstatic if I could work even part time here and there in that field :D

Pretty flowers too!! I have some roses I took pics of today, I might post them soon :)

and pssst... you are one tough cookie!!! You were working 12 hour shifts on broken bones, *eeek* and here I thought todays root canal hurt! I have never had a broken bone, and couldnt begin to imagine the pain! Get well soon!!!

Flea said...

I like your dream. Don't be the woman in the flood, who kept waiting for God to rescue her. Take this opportunity. You've heard that story, right? If not, email me.

I love your boots. :)

My dream? To finish grad school. And my ADHD brain doesn't really think too far ahead or dream much.

Hey, would you add a friend of mine to your prayer list? She's had a really rough year, starting last June with a hiatal hernia, then Meneire's, then pneumonia, now a CT scan tomorrow because her doctor thinks she may have leukemia. Her name is Heather. I think she's on the fence belief wise.

Karen said...

Nice. That'll be comfy and cool with summer heat and humidity reaching it's peak. I'm sorry. I hope it heals quickly though.

farmlady said...

I like Flea's last sentence. That's me. I'm on the fence too. It's kind of crowded here and because we are all so intelligent and have so many questions, we tend to be a noisy bunch. But, although on the fence, I will pray for her. She is in a scary place and needs all the comfort we can give her.
I want to be a photographer and a writer. Now I am since I started this blog. I believe that basically we are all where we need to be and wishes are not about the wanting to be something else or somewhere else. It about being unhappy in the place where you are. Changes are scary and sometimes what you wish for is way more involved than you think.

I'm sorry that your feet are so damaged. No wonder you were having so much pain. This will give you time to rest and think. Take care of yourself and get out of God's way so he can help you. Someone said this to me a long time ago and it has made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!!?! Oh. My. Goodness.

I wish I could come help you. I could harvest your garden... I mean... it might not yeild much if I were there... cause, ya know. I might squirrel some of it away in the trunk of my car.

I love your dreams! Go Karen! Go Karen! Go Karen! Woot Woot!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hmmmmm . . . you just asked the biggest dreamer in the whole world about her dreams? You better come on over while I fire up the tea kettle; it could take some time to share all the stuff stuffed in my heart.

Did you forget that I used to be one who set goals and ignored dreams? One day the Lord sent me two of the most adorable baby boys AT ONCE with some pretty special needs. I stopped setting goals and marking off milestones and began praying and dreaming. The result: I have a life I always dreamed of living in those early years but never paused long enough to live it. The "thorn" God placed in my side turned out to be a graft of beauty that justkeeps on blooming.

Even this financial downturn has spurned us to grasp at those little homesteading dreams that we were too busy to reach out for earlier. As I write this the sturdy little "chick dorm" is coming together. I own chickens? Who would have thought?

Wring out your heart, my friend. Lay it all out. Breath deep the sweet perfume of a loving Father and watch the "happilies" come forever after.

I'm excited to watch what happens. : D

I think the doc should recommend a little RX time in California. I'm no nurse, but I sure can provide healing hospitality. ; D

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yeah to what they all said... i would love to be a professional photographer...but am totally content being a broke grandma. :)

Unknown said...

Oh dear! Take care of yourself! Seriously, our bones don't heal as well when we get older. I hope the heat doesn't get to you before you can take those boots off. Heal!!

Angela said...

My dream is to write, and speak for womens conferences.

I just copied your dream because this has been my dream for years.....Just the other day I finally handed over my 'dream' to the Lord and said,,'Your will be done Lord, I give You all my dreams, all my hopes, all my aspirations, and ask You to fill me with Yours for my life".

I LOVED the pic of the peaches..Oh my I wanted to snatch it up right from the computer and eat it...



WudWerkr said...

i wondere how them boots gonna look with that 2 piece bathing suite here in a couple weeks ? hmmmmmmm maybe a new trend will be started lololol

Michelle said...

You know....things happen for a reason. To guide us into other situations. I love the purple door. Heal quickly.

Unknown said...

Wow. I can't wait to see how God works this out! Very exciting.

Heidi said...

I think your right... Prayers for you my friend...

Big Hair Envy said...

Oh, NO!!! You poor thing! I like the way you are spinning this into a positive thing....get that book going, and worry about the rest when it comes back around;)

Kitter said...

Two stress fractures! Yikes!! I think this is a message for you to slow down and figure out what it is you need to do for your soul. My thoughts and prayers are with you!! Kitter

Chris H said...

Can you paint them pink or blue to make them look prettier! Lol
What a bummer... I do hope your new boots fix the feet!
How on earth did you get stress fractures in BOTH feet anyway???

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Oh My Goodness :0(
So sorry you've been hurt-my prayers with you. Please tell Kayla i'm sorry she lost her job too-let her know I feel her pain :)
You're not alone either...
My first thought when I got hired was God wanted me there...When I got fired I thought what he wanted me to know had been well learned.
I think you are completely correct in thinking that with TWO hurt feets you aren't supposed to be there. I hope all your dreams come true.
Good Luck-Don't break a leg ;)
♥Miss MJ

imbeingheldhostage said...

I think your dreams are wonderful and you're very insightful for seeing this as maybe a catapult to follow your heart. I am so sorry about the fractures!! I cannot believe you've walked around on two fractured ankles all of this time.

Daisy said...

Nurses are often the most reluctant patients, just as teachers are poor students. Follow your doctor's advice so you can heal! Take care.

Kathy said...

You are an awesome person, you are. Before I read the comments, I thought, well this is the perfect time for a California visit. Then I read the comments and see that your old friend Debbie had the same idea. Just remember the old Brownie ditty, Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.... Sooo make time to visit with me too. Aren't dreams wonderful? Keep your ears and heart open for His answers. Love ya!

Yolanda said...

Where are you at in MS? I lived for 41 years there and am a nurse also.HOpe you injuries heal up soon.

Cat Lady said...

Yeah Nanny, I can't leave you for a week without coming home with an injury of some kind lol. My goodness did those fractures make me upset. I pinned the blame on the emphasis that "the hospital has overworked you". Well look at the bright side of not working: You get more QUALITY TIME with your adorable granddaughter Kayla! hahahahah sucker!

Tricia said...

Sorry about the boots. I only had to wear one, but it still kept me from all of life for a lgood long while. As odd as it sounds, enjoy this time. It ends quicker than you expect. My dream is much like yours. To speak at conferences and tell people all about our wonderful Savior. Writing would be a nice bonus. God bless you as you heal.