Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Visit and a Trip

This is my birthday present. Cool huh? My Dad came to visit and wanted to take us out to eat. I told him it would make me sick to spend a $100 eating in a restaurant.
I said if we were going to spend some money I wanted a camera. I am using Piglet's camera and I need to send it to her. I can't keep something that belongs to my kid! But a blogger has to have a camera... I am so excited it is really cool. My hunny and my Dad went in on this together. We got a great deal. They talked about wrapping it up until my birthday. I talked about killing them both. You know, "over your dead bodies." Think for one second that I am going to wait to use this camera.

This is my Dad he's playing with my computer. Our whole family is hopelessly addicted to technology. I think he was pleased that I didn't get all excited about eating. He suggested in a nice diplomatic way that I get into a weight reduction plan for my feet. Yeah, I know. The poor little things have broken under the burden. However the good news is we had a great visit and I have a camera to play with! We did not break the bank at any eateries either.

My Dad was impressed with my computer. He saw my blog about Jimmy's glasses and went out and bought a pair just like them! He thought the desk Jimmy built was pretty fine too.

Don't the glasses look familiar?

Dad and Jim checking out the back yard finery. The lawn tractor broke, so there it sits. Jim is mechanically inclined which is a good thing, he already ordered the parts to repair it. In the south we say "fixin" for a lot of reasons, in this case he would be fixin to fix it.

Dad queried, "Where does that drain go?" Jim replied, "I am not sure, let me see." We have lived here 9 years and he never wanted to know before? That surprised me. Or he looked a long time ago and can't remember, which wouldn't surprise me at all.

The men are in a deep discussion, it could be about anything. It could be about politics, how hot it is, what is planted there, or which way that drain pipe went. We had a great visit.
Dad was impressed with Madison. I am thinking about taking some photos out and about and show you the sights with my new camera. We have never left the homestead before. You might be a wee bit curious about what is around here.

My Dad flew back home today. We both left the house at 9:30am. He went on his trip home, I went on my trip to the beauty parlor.

Have I mentioned the heat lately? Record breaking sweaty heat.

I mentioned the heat to my hairdresser. We talked about short. Her idea of short is more than what mine is. I'm scared to show you. Take a deep breath ok?

There isn't much left. Not much at all. I told myself to breathe deeply. I almost started crying. I have a lot of wrinkles. When did that happen? I cropped out most of them, isn't that cool?
My hairdresser was impressed with the hair color I did myself, she said it was beautiful.
But then she cut off all my hair.

OK this is it. It looks better in this picture than when I look in the mirror. When I look in the mirror I hyperventilate. I am much cooler bald. This is a comfortable in the heat do. I am reaching here. No brush or comb required. Seriously a few fingers threw it will do the job. It looks like more hair than it is.

The back. The longest hairs are not even 2 inches long. I have NEVER EVER EVER in my life had my hair cut this short. Panic...sigh...sob... and the most amazing thing ever is, my husband who HATES short hair with a passion....LIKES IT. Go figure.

The good news is it didn't break the camera.

Just when you calm down about one big deal another one happens.

A lot of folks thought I was still hanging about the house in Felton. I guess I didn't write the end of my previous post very clearly. We are over it. The course is set straight ahead through the blistering heat of summer in the south and the fast track to financial freedom. I've got the hair do for it.


Michelle said...

Like the hair! It looks like you had a great visit with your Dad. I am getting ready to have a visit with mine too. I would love to see your town, so get out and about...and take some pictures!

Flea said...

For a short doo, it's adorable! I love it! Your stylist did a fantastic job, shaping your face well. :)

Chris H said...

OH WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! I think you look GORGEOUS! The hairdo is lovely... for a short hairdo!
I cut all my hair off about 6 years ago when I was seriously depressed and cried and cried for days and vowed to NEVER EVER do it again... and I probably won't either. But for you suffering in the heat I can totally understand why you did it. AND it looks neat... and tidy, and easy to keep looking so swish!
I'm glad your husband actually liked it, or he would have been in trouble eh? lol
I hope you get used to it and don't feel so weird with the new 'do'!
Have a wonderful cooler weekend.

Unknown said...

I love the new do! It fits you perfectly. The camera is so cool!

Angela said...

I love your hair cut girl..oh my, it does look so beautiful

Karen said...

The hair! It's awesome! Seriously. And congrats on a new camera.

Tracy said...

Your short hair cut is adorable! My husband doesn't like short hair either, but I cut it short every now and then anyway. Mine is just to thick & bushy when it's longer. Plus, I think your short hair cut makes you look younger. It's more up to date maybe.

Congrats on your new camera!

Yolanda said...

Your hair is beautful and I love the color.Happy Belated Birthday and a camera is such a good gift.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Everybody should try out a short and flirty hairdo. After Gary bought his "Car" I went short and sassy for the convertible drives in the evening. It was fun! Enjoy your "summer cut" (and that cool new camera).

Happy early birthday to you!

with the new haircut and that color you are the twin of my mamma. Wowie! (Made me pause for a second mouth open -- YIKES!) No wonder we look so much like sisters. ; D

Heidi said...

GIRL! I LOVE The hair and I am a 'not short hair on women' person... you look faaaaaabulous dahling.. LOL

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I WISH I could wear my hair that short and be that cute! I really like it and it grows back fast.

What a nice visit with your dad. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Your camera is very similar to mine--just make sure you use only rechargeable batteries. The camera uses a lot of juice. Regular batteries don't last very long and you will go broke buying them.

imbeingheldhostage said...

It's lovely, and she's right, the colour is great-- very natural looking. I LOVE short styles, unfortunately I don't really have a definite stopping point between my jaw and my neck, so I don't look so good with short, so I am envious of your new cool summer do.
(And you're dad is adorable!)

Happy Bday!!

Annie said...

Ah, thta is the way I have to wear my hair all the time, otherwise I would die in the heat here!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the hair wanted mine that short but they left it a bit longer...blueberries look great... squash blossems are wonderful fried... drool... love the baby watermellon deer ate mine last year... :( HI fred and bessie we sure miss you cows! have fun at karens i bet you will have a blast...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... way LATE!!! Your Dad looks like a lovely man!

Your short hair and new color make your eyes POP!!! You are adorable whatever state your hair is in, don't you know that?!?!? Cute Cute Cute!!!

farmlady said...

I missed this post when I was gone to so this is another "catch up" comment...
A new camera and a new haircut. You are styling girl. I have an older Canon Power Shot and I love it. I bought a fancy Nikon last fall and I can do just about everything but feed the goats with it. I still carry my Canon with me everywhere I go. It's small, fits in my purse and never fails to take great photos. So, congratulations on a good choice in cameras. You'll love it.

Nice haircut too. Makes you look younger, but then everyone's younger than me.